PRESCRIBED VS MODIFIED For the 2023 Online Challenge & Qualifier, each division will have two variations of each workout to try based on their ability: Prescribed or Modified. This simply means, that if an athlete can’t perform the prescribed version, which tends to have higher loads and skill, they have an option to still be […]


VIDEO SUBMISSION GUIDELINES In order to qualify for Miami, you must complete all the qualifier workouts following the provided movement standards, workout flow, and video submission guidelines. Additionally, you’ll need to submit all videos of every workout.    Please use the following video submission guidelines when completing each of the workouts to ensure that your videos […]

All The Details On Open Registration

OPEN REGISTRATION Athletes who don’t qualify during the Online Challenge & Qualifier (WZAOC or OC) have another chance to compete in Miami through Open Registration. On a pre-identified date, registration for the Open Division will open to all eligible athletes who completed the WZOAC in its entirety (completing all workouts, submitting scores, and videos). Athletes […]