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Athletes who don’t qualify during the TYR WZAOC (Online Challenge & Qualifier) have another chance to compete on the floor at Miami through Open Registration.

On a pre-identified date, registration for Scaled divisions will open to all eligible athletes who completed the WZOAC in its entirety (completing all workouts, submitting required videos, etc.). Athletes are invited to race against other eligible athletes to sign up and secure their spot to compete at Bayfront Park in Miami, FL.


  • To become eligible to register for Open Registration, all athletes must complete all WZAOC workouts for their appropriate division (individual and/or team), and submit their scores for all workouts and any requested videos (prior to the video submission deadline) in order to be eligible to register for Open Registration.
  • On specific dates, athletes are invited to race against the rest of the eligible athletes to try and sign up and secure their spot to compete at WZA Miami within the Scaled division.
  • In years past, it has sold out within seconds. While we don’t want anyone unhappy with the process, unfortunately not everybody is guaranteed a spot. These spots are first-come, first-serve, and extremely limited.
  • Only those eligible (those who submitted all their scores & the required videos) will receive an email with the link and passcode 48 hours before Open Registration launches.


  • Intermediate/Scaled: 21st and below
  • Teenager 13-15: 11th and below
  • Teenager 16-18: 11th and below
  • Master’s 35-39: 21st and below
  • Master’s 40-44: 21st and below
  • Master’s 45-49: 11th and below
  • Master’s 50-54: 11th and below
  • Master’s 55-59: 6th and below
  • Master’s 60+: 6th and below
  • Adaptive Standing & Seated Rx/Scaled: 6th and below


  • Individual Scaled:  20 Spots Per Gender
  • Adaptive Seated:  5 Spots Per Gender
  • Adaptive Standing:  5 Spots Per Gender
  • Team of 3 Scaled:  40 Spots Per Gender


  • To get ahead of the game, prior to the start of Open Registration, go to and sign in using your same account information for the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier. Then click on the registration link.
  • As soon as Open Registration opens, select your division and type in the unique case-sensitive passcode provided in your email (this will be sent out to eligible athletes before Open Registration begins), and click Proceed.
  • By signing in beforehand the registration form will be pre-populated with most of the information you’ve already provided, saving you time in completing the process.
  • Once you’re on the registration page, it will notify you if you’ve secured one of the limited spots. Proceed through registration and payment, and you’re good to go!