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4 days • 3 Stages • 2 Much Fun • 1 Community

Over 2,000 applications.
800 spots available.

It takes an army to make this event come to life. Our volunteers take pride in their role and are some of the hardest-working, fun-loving, and energetic people we know. They work hard and celebrate harder. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

*All volunteers must commit to at least three full days.



We are seeking individuals that love dealing with people! This group will handle responsibilities in areas such as Athlete Check-in, corralling athletes, security, ushers, greeters, score runners, nameplate crew, etc. These individuals are vital to the all-around TYR WZA experience and should pride themselves on effective communication. The Director of Volunteers will assign volunteers to these specific roles.


We are looking for judge volunteers to be part of Team Integrity! Our sport depends largely on the ability of judges to be fair, accurate, and consistent. The quality of judging at any event is indicative of its reputation and in large part, its success. You will be asked to validate the performance of the athletes through adherence to programmed movement standards, accurate rep count, and finish time. Judging will be your primary responsibility, however, you may also be asked to fulfill other duties.

Completion of the 2023 CrossFit online Judges Course prior to the event is mandatory. CrossFit L1 Cert or above is not required.


Work as a part of the video, photo, social media, live production, or broadcast team. This superstar group requires previous experience in a media-related field. The Media Team volunteers can expect to be on their feet for most of the day and will help us tell the story of the TYR Wodapalooza to those around the world!

Previous event experience is preferred, not required.


Some of the most amazing humans out there fill our medical team including nurses, physician assistants, physicians, and physical/sports and occupational therapists. These volunteers need to be certified in CPR and/or First Aid. On the application, please specify whether you would like to be a part of our Athlete Recovery area, which is our physical and occupational therapists; or the Medical Team which is made up of our nurses, PAs, and physicians. These two teams work closely together to treat everyone at the event.

These positions will provide emergency medical support if needed. You will communicate with our Medical Director if for any reason EMS services are needed.


This team assists our staff with volunteer check-in, workshops, seminars, sponsors, and special assignments. Those signing up for this team should be quick on their feet, and ready to handle anything that comes their way! The Director of Volunteers will assign volunteers to these specific roles.


The production of this event requires the moving of large loads, long distances, quickly. Those in this group can expect physical elements such as heavy lifting, repetitive bending, reaching, and light running. This is a very crucial role with responsibilities that are essential to the job in an effort to make sure our event runs smoothly and on time. You may be asked to fulfill other similar duties outside of this scope. It’s the WOD of a lifetime!