The TYR Wodapalooza (WZA) began as a grassroots single-day fitness competition with 145 athletes and 500 spectators in 2012 and has since established itself as the world’s premier Functional Fitness Festival. Wodapalooza descends on Miami’s Bayfront Park for 4-days in January and brings together thousands of athletes, spectators, and fitness fanatics to celebrate fitness, community, and life.

There are multiple parts to WZA Miami – the fitness competition for all backgrounds and levels (the foundation of WZA), the Gauntlet (an exciting and fast race through three workouts within an hour), and the spectator experience, which includes one of the largest collections of vendors and exhibitors as well as spectator workouts and seminars.

All set next to the Biscayne Bay in sunny Miami, the TYR Wodapalooza has become a calendar staple for the fitness community and a winter getaway for athletes from around the world.

TYR Wodapalooza

This 3-day competition gives athletes from around the world an opportunity to compete on the big stage. In order to compete in Miami, athletes must qualify through a series of fitness events, our Online Challenge & Qualifier (WZAOC). With limited spots available, this test serves as a way of identifying those worthy of competing in Miami.

The Miami Experience

Miami is much more than a competition. Throughout the 4-day festival, attendees have the opportunity to attend seminars with industry experts, experience the VIP treatment with prime seating, the ability to skip the line for food vendors, mingle with elite athletes, visit more than 100 exhibitors, and much MORE!

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is our exciting individual competition that is accessible to spectators and athletes wanting to get a taste of the competition floor. Athletes battle through 3 stations, all within a single hour. Each station provides a different style of workout and the top finishers will advance to the finals!



1 Day
145 Athletes
500 Spectators

The event was born as a local throw-down, but which proved the concept for something great.


507 Athletes
1,500 Spectators

We expanded to two days and the top athletes in Florida joined the competition.


3 Days
1,200 Qualifier Athletes
658 Athletes
3,000 Spectators

We implemented an online qualifier and expanded the event to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 2014 saw nearly 700 athletes competing over MLK weekend.


3 Days
3,000 Qualifier Athletes
809 Athletes
7,000 Spectators

We over doubled in spectators. Year 4 was a breakout year and was noticed globally as a premier functional fitness event.


3 Days
6,812 Qualifier Athletes
1,353 Athletes
20,000 Spectators

“Waterpalooza” saw heavy rains and did not deter from iconic moments. We almost tripled in spectators and it became a true festival and increased our notoriety.


4 Days
1,590 Athletes
30,000 Spectators
750 Volunteers

We added an extra day to the festival making it 4 days total. Thursday featured a SUP race and an OCR Race!


4 Days
1,590 Athletes
30,000 Spectators
750 Volunteers

We launched the WZA Weightlifting Face-Off


4 Days
1,950 Athletes
35,000 Spectators
850 Volunteers

CrossFlt acknowledged WZA as being a premier event and we were invited to be one of the inaugural Sanctioned Events. The first year of the Gauntlet.


2,700+ Athletes
37 Athlete Divisions
35,000 Attendance
$400,000 Prize Purse

Every inch of Bayfront Park was covered and our Prize purse placed us solidly as a big event in the space.


3,000+ Athletes
50 Athlete Divisions
40,000 Attendance
$500,000 Prize Purse

With 50 athlete divisions, we became the most inclusive event in the fitness landscape.


1,800+ Athletes
44 Athlete Divisions
40,000 Attendance
$505,000 Prize Purse

We presented our highest prize purse in our event history.