September 14, 2023


For the 2023 Online Challenge & Qualifier, each division will have two variations of each workout to try based on their ability: Prescribed or Modified. This simply means, that if an athlete can’t perform the prescribed version, which tends to have higher loads and skill, they have an option to still be part of the fun!

Athletes seeking to compete in the Open Division in Miami must grab their spot via Open Registration. As a requirement to be eligible for Open Registration, athletes must complete all Online Challenge workouts, whether it be prescribed or the modified version. This includes submitting all scores and videos.

We encourage athletes to complete the prescribed version of the workouts in their division. Those who perform workouts modified will rank below those performing workouts prescribed on the leaderboard.

If you’ve completed a workout “modified” check the box that says Modified in Competition Corner when submitting your scores. If you decide to do the Prescribed version, leave that box unchecked. 

All divisions have the ability to qualify for  Miami! If you fall out of qualification, almost all divisions have the opportunity to register through open registration. This gives everyone a chance to compete under the lights in Downtown Miami.

Can’t wait to see you on the big stage!


Individual Online Challenge & Qualifier
Week 1: Sept 14th – 18th, 2023
Week 2: Sept 21st – 25th, 2023
Teams of Three Online Challenge & Qualifier

Oct 12th – 23rd, 2023

Tyr Wodapalooza

Jan 11th-14th, 2024