• Both feet must remain on the floor (or bumper plates) throughout the entire movement.
  • Your shoulders and buttocks must remain in contact with the bench throughout the movement.
  • During your lift, if your feet come off the floor (or bumper plates) at any point, or your shoulders and/or buttocks come off the bench, the rep will not count

Yes, as long as you meet the standards!

Either! As long as the clock is visible and is 6:00 long.

Don’t forget, each athlete must submit their own video even if athletes are physically together. 

Men are required to use a standard 45lb/20kg barbell.

Women are required to use a standard 35lb/15kg barbell.


The TYR Wodapalooza takes place in Bayfront Park in Miami from January 11-14, 2024.

Parking in downtown Miami is extremely limited. There are a few parking areas across from Bayfront Park, otherwise, we recommend checking the parking map provided by Miami Parking Authority here: https://www.miamiparking.com/find-parking/

Take a look at our exclusive hotel deals and book your travel early to take advantage of these prices.

If there is no thunder or lightning within a 10-mile radius, competition will continue as scheduled, even in the rain. We recommend bringing an umbrella or poncho with you as afternoon showers are a regular occurrence in South Florida year-round. 

Unfortunately, no refunds are allowed.  


  • Individuals: Week 1: Sept 14th – 18th, 2023, Week 2: Sept 21st   – 25th, 2023 
  • Teams of 3: Oct 12th – 23rd, 2023

Registration for Individuals closes on September 18th, 2023. Registration for Teams of 3 closes on October 23rd, 2023.

Any athlete attempting to earn a spot to compete in Miami MUST submit ALL videos. This also applies to athletes attempting to register for Miami through Open Registration. 

It’s all one big celebration! If you’re looking to qualify for the TYR WZA Miami in any division, you must perform the version of the workout within the division you are signed up for and submit your scores and required videos. Any athlete looking to test their fitness against the rest of the community is welcome to participate, too!

Yes! Miami and SoCal are separate events. They will each feature a unique athlete and spectator experience, and the community will be invited to participate from coast to coast! Stay tuned for more on SoCal.

All TYR WZAOC workouts may be performed outside of an affiliate as long as the equipment and space meet the workout standards and flow requirements and your video submission is to the standard laid out in the scorecard. 

You may sign up for multiple divisions, however, you’ll need to use two different email addresses to register for each. Additionally, if the workouts differ in any way, both versions must be submitted.

This year there will be same-sex teams of three (MMM/FFF).

Nope! Teammates do not have to be in the same gym or even the same country to participate. Workouts do not have to be completed at the same time. 

The cut-off date for those looking to register in one of our age group divisions (masters or teenagers) is January 1st, 2024. Whatever age you will be on that date is the division that you register in for the TYR WZAOC! 

  • The age of all master’s team athletes will be considered in years only, and will not take into consideration months until a subsequent change in age. An athlete’s age on January 1st, 2024 in years (not months or days) is the number of years an athlete should use to tabulate their age for Master’s Teams. This means athletes will round down to the nearest whole year. 
  • For example, if an athlete is 35 years, 7 months, and 4 days old on January 1st, 2024; then their official age is 35 years old to add their age with teammates.

Cut lines will be applied to the overall leaderboard after the TYR WZAOC. For example, the first cut line will be after the 20th place athlete, to signify the separation between Elite & Rx individuals, and again, after the 40th place, to showcase the final qualifying spot for Rx. Everybody below the 40th spot on the leaderboard will have the opportunity to compete in the Open Division via Open Registration on a first-come, first-served basis.

On a pre-identified date, registration for specific divisions will open to all eligible athletes who completed the TYR WZAOC in its entirety (including video submission). Athletes are invited to race against other eligible athletes to sign up and secure their spot to compete at the TYR WZA Miami in the Open Division. 

Nope! If an athlete qualifies for an individual and a team division, the athlete must select only one to compete in over the WZA Miami weekend.


Only one (1) barbell is permitted. Athletes can receive assistance changing weights between rounds.

Yes, athletes may have help changing weights between rounds.

Yes! As long as all standards are being met for the toes to bar and are clearly visible in the video.

Athletes may NOT wear gymnastics grips or straps.

You may show before or after as long as all weights are recorded.

Athletes can choose not to do the OHS for the tie-break and submit only a score for the complex!

As long as the final complex attempt is started before the cap, the athlete may continue!

Rebounding is permitted as long as all other standards are being met.

Only feet may touch the box! This includes jumping or stepping down.

Kipping or butterfly pull-ups can NOT be performed consecutively. Athletes must come off the bar for every single rep.

They can be performed from a box as long as the height standards are being met.

Yes! If competing in Miami is the goal, athletes must record and submit ALL FIVE videos, including for the Open Division via Open Registration.

You can either upload them at the same time as your score or after the challenge is over. All videos are due September 26th at 8pm ET via Competition Corner.

Yes! As long as all required details are legibly present.