The Beginner’s Guide to the 2023 TYR WZAOC

September 4, 2023

welcome to the online challenge & qualifier

New to competition but hungry for a real challenge? Maybe you just finished an intro course at your gym or you’ve been training for several months now – either way, you’re curious about pushing to the next level.

Competing for the first time can be scary. But we’re here to help you confidently take on the TYR Wodapalooza Online Qualifier and Challenge (WZAOC). You’ll be able to set your own pace and find appropriate scaling options. The WZAOC is about challenging yourself and rising to meet (or even exceed!) your expectations.

Step 1: Register and Choose your division. 

As is typical in most competitions, athletes are split into different divisions depending on their skill and ability level. Each division has associated movement standards that athletes can use as a guide to choose the division that is right for them. This ensures that when competition time rolls around, athletes are competing against athletes at a similar ability level.

You can get a full breakdown of all movement standards on our Division Standards page. Remember, weights are considered working weights, meaning you can do multiple repetitions if they come up in a workout.

Step 2: Mark your calendar

There are two ways to compete – as an Individual or on a Team of 3 (MMM/FFF). The Individual Challenge begins September 14th, 2023 and the Team of 3 Challenge begins October 12th, 2022.

For Individuals: Each week, we will release multiple workouts on our social media channels and via email blast to registered athletes.

To make this a true test, workouts stay a secret until they’re announced. Athletes won’t know what challenge lies in store no athletes will have the advantage of practicing the workout before it’s time to test. Athletes have all weekend to complete the workouts and submit scores by the following Monday by 8pm ET through their Competition Corner account.

For Teams of 3: Teams will face multiple workouts that must be completed over 12 days. Workouts are released on our social channels and emailed out with scores due on October 23rd, 2023 at 8pm ET. Team members do not have to complete the workouts together or at the same time.

Step 3: Read (and reread) the scorecard for each workout

Along with the release of each workout, a scorecard will be posted for athletes to use. We recommend downloading each scorecard from our website and printing it out for your judge to utilize. It is vital for all athletes to read (and reread) the scorecard and movement standards to ensure they are completing the workout properly.

For example, knowing what will determine “full-depth” for a good squat rep will help make sure you don’t waste effort. Pro-tip for beginners: get your coach involved and have them demo and talk through a game plan with you.

Step 4: Game day

Set up your workout equipment using the plan on the scorecards (note: videos are required only if you are interested in competing at Miami). Hand the scorecard to your judge, press ‘record’ on your video, and start the clock. While a judge is not required, we recommend it to keep you accountable.

After you’ve finished the workouts, log onto Competition Corner to submit your scores! Although scores aren’t due until Monday we don’t recommend waiting until the last minute.

Remember: if you intend to try for a slot in Miami record your workouts. You’ll have the chance to load your videos at the end OR you can submit them at the same time you submit your score. All videos will be required in order to make it to Miami.

Step 5: Look on the leaderboard

After the start of the OC, you can find a live leaderboard online where you’ll be able to see how your scores fall against other athletes. The leaderboard is a chance to see your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll see yourself placed high on the leaderboard with some workouts and lower on others- this is great feedback to help you find areas to improve. 

If you fall out of qualification there is still a chance to make it to Bayfront Park. Watch your inbox for details about Open Registration. If you get one of the coveted Open Division spots, pack your bag and sunscreen and get stoked for a fun weekend of fitness in Miami. We’ll be there ready to guide you into the most fun you’ve ever had.

Season Oveview

Individual Online Challenge & Qualifier
Week 1: Sept 14th – 18th, 2023
Week 2: Sept 21st – 25th, 2023
Teams of Three Online Challenge & Qualifier

Oct 12th – 23rd, 2023

Tyr Wodapalooza

Jan 11th-14th, 2024