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Top athletes will be able to bypass the TYR Wodapalooza Online Challenge & Qualifier to compete in Miami in January. This is based on past Sanctional and CrossFit Games finishes.

Individual Elite

CrossFit Games

  • CrossFit Games 2022: All Individual Elite Athletes¬†
  • Individual CrossFit Games Top 3: 2016-2022

Additional Events

  • Individual Top 3 at WZA 2022: Top 3 Men & Women
  • Individual Winners at WZA & GG in the last five years: 1st Place Men & Women
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at Madrid CF Challenge 2022
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at FITLAND 2022
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at Black Challenge 2022
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at The Greatness Fit Fest 2022

Age Group

  • 1st place 2022 Wodapalooza and/or 2022 CrossFit Games

Please note: 20 spots will be earned via the WZA Indy Online Challenge & Qualifier. If all the above invites have been granted and spots are still available, they will be awarded to the next finishers in line via the WZAOC leaderboard. Additionally, athletes who receive invites are still responsible for their registration cost, lodging, travel, etc.

Elite Team of 3

CrossFit Games

  • CrossFit Games 2022 – Top 10 Teams
    1. May put together one (1) male and one (1) female team of 3 consisting of both CrossFit Games teams
  • Any individual Elite Invited athlete may put together an Elite Team of 3, as long as a minimum of two (2) of the three (3) athletes are part of the invite criteria