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This year, we’ve got the most stacked roster in the Elite division. Check out a few head-to-head matchups we’re excited to watch unfold over the competition weekend!

Written by Michael Lanwehr

Dani Speegle vs. Sara Sigmundsdottir

Two of the most recognizable personalities prepare to face off under the Miami heat. Dani
Speegle coming off her best Games finish to date looks to carry that momentum into the 2023
season. For Sara, WZA represents the first step in her comeback trail back to the Games. Who’s
ready to watch both ladies throw down all week long?!

Roman Khrennikov vs. Ricky Garard

The second and third place finishers at last year’s CF Games look poised for another
unbelievable showdown in the Sunshine State. Roman may have gotten the best of him in
Madison, but Ricky doesn’t strike me as the type of competitor to take that lying down. Expect
nothing less than absolute fireworks any time either of these athletes take the floor!

Dallin Pepper vs. Gui Malherios

Two young bucks are set to clash on the shores of Bayfront Park. Gui is undeniably one of the
most electric competitors the sport has ever seen. A maestro with the barbell, get ready to see
some big weights as WZA kicks off with a 1RM Clean and Jerk. Meanwhile, Dallin had an
incredibly strong debut last year in Madison. And at just 20 years old, the sky really is the limit
for this baby faced killer. Who’s ready to take that next step in their CF careers?!

Patrick Vellner vs. The Sun

Cats and Dogs. Oil and Water. Tall people and CrossFit. Patrick Vellner and the Sun. Natural-born
enemies. And yet, against all odds, Vellner continues to beat the heat and enters the
competition as the 3-time defending champ. Do I smell a 4-peat or will the sun finally strike