Thank You from Team TYR WZA

February 1, 2023


2023 was one for the books. Whether you were in town to watch, compete, volunteer, or simply followed along from afar, we’re so thankful you joined us. From the entire team, we appreciate you joining us for our 11th year of celebrating fitness, community, and life.

There was no hiding that our team’s focus was and will continue to be that we ensure we stay true to our roots: to elevate the experience for the community. To showcase the athletes of all divisions. To celebrate their accomplishments. To provide the audience, at home and in-person, the coverage, environment, and experience they deserve. And if you’re reading this, we hope you felt it.

Now that the event has come and gone, as any competing athlete would, we’ve turned inwards and continue to reflect on our performance. The TYR WZA brought many wins, which included a better venue layout, the addition of the athlete recovery dome, more food options, and a new elite competition format. With the victories, come just as many if not more opportunities for improvement. This included the accessibility issues we faced with seating and the challenges with our broadcast.

For those that reached out, filled out surveys, or gave us feedback elsewhere, whether positive or especially constructive, thank you. You have our continued commitment as we continue to grow, we’ll always reflect to improve with the community as the focus. We promise to never lose sight of that.

Over the coming months, we will be transparent in announcing dates, competition format, rules, and ways in which we’re enhancing and improving the areas you’ve helped us identify. In the meantime, relish in your success, because you, the community, are what makes the TYR WZA possible.

See you soon,
Team WZA