New Horizons in Fitness with the PFAA

December 6, 2023

In November, the TYR Wodapalooza announced the debut of our partnership with the Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association (PFAA) rolling into our 2024 Miami celebration. The specifics of our partnership are detailed in an athlete publication available now, and we encourage the community to take a look to learn more surrounding our continued commitment to delivering a world-class competition for all athletes and the current initiatives of the association. You can check out the full document here.

Since the announcement, we wanted to highlight some of the key steps we have and are continuing to take to deliver an experience that’s unforgettable and first-class. Take a closer look below!

Athlete Communication

With any community event, there’s a lot of information to communicate around the many moving parts and divisions. This year, we’ve made successful attempts at streamlining athlete communications across multiple channels to position crucial updates in more places and bolster the overall accessibility of this information. We’ve also learned from our process and remain highly invested in ways we can make the WZA experience even better for the community.

Information Accessibility

In addition, we know many questions pop up throughout the season. That’s one reason why we’ve directed more energy into populating and maintaining a real-time Q&A to address immediate concerns and commonly asked questions. The truth is, if you have a question about something, somebody else is likely wondering about it, too. We’re keen on making sure the community knows where they can find the answers to their questions! The more resourced everyone is with helpful info, the more the experience elevates. 

Season Updates

Lastly, we’ve announced a series of season updates this year via social media and this blog. Using our channels as a place to share pertinent updates will remain a valued method of circulating information we believe impacts the broader community. However, in addition, we’ve also included the details of the season and procedural updates in the 2024 athlete handbook so everyone experiencing #WZAMiami can be in the know on how our 12th celebration aims to be our best yet. 

As we draw closer to our Miami celebration, we are stoked to continue delivering an experience that aligns with the goals and aims of the PFAA. We also value feedback from the community, so please know to reach out to us anytime.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the PFAA and the athletes leading the charge to help elevate the community and the sport that brings us together in the first place. In working together, and doing our part to help, we look forward to having even more reasons to celebrate. 

To learn more about the PFAA and its current initiatives, check out their website. For more context on the TYR WZA x PFAA partnership, check out the interview with Loud and Live VP of Sport Dylan Malitsky and Games Athlete + PFAA President Brent Fikowski from a recent episode of Talking Elite Fitness.