August 7, 2023


If Madison is still on your mind, there’s no better place to ring in the new year than Miami in January. Here’s a quick list of reasons why Miami is a must-do if you’re a fitness fan who likes to travel. 

The experience

We get it. A trip to Madison for the Games is one of those bucket-list items ya just have to do at least once. The wow factor and prestige that make the event worth watching and remembering are in no shortage at Bayfront Park. 

TYR WZA Miami is the undisputed GOAT for a fitness festival—it’s like one big party!

fitness, of course!

Yeah, need we say more? 

Any time the community gathers, you know there will be no shortage of fitness. From throwing down WZA style to jumping in community workout opportunities. If you’re looking for a chance to unwind and stay committed to your fitness while having the time of your life, we’ve got you.


We’re not just another competition during the year. We aim to bring the community together for the trip of a lifetime, intermixing all the elements we love ourselves: fitness, culture, and fun. 

If you want to experience just how deep the community runs, there’s no better display than in Miami. Ask anybody!

the beach

Sunny Madison, has fresh water, green stuff, and small-town vibes. Miami’s got salt water, green stuff, big-city vibes, AND the beach! 

Who wouldn’t like to be beachside in January? We hear it’s typically quite chilly in Wisconsin that time of year. 

quick trip

While we can’t prevent a bout of travel challenges (we wish we could!), traveling into Miami is typically pretty snappy. With 184 airports offering direct flights, you’re just a quick jaunt from the time of your life. Getting to Madison…well…we love creative adventures! 

Pro Tip: Book your travel early! Thank us later.

time of year

The beginning of the year is always unique. A fresh start, invigorated energy, and clear perspective. But, it never hurts to have something legendary to look forward to! 

Gathering with friends and the community in Miami to kick-start a new year? When it’s not a bajillion degrees? Say less!

athlete-spectator connection

While the Games affords the chance to witness the best athletes in the world compete against each other, it’s a time of serious business for competitors. In Miami, we like to take a bit more laid-back approach. 

Competitive, high-quality fitness is still present. So is the opportunity to cross paths with some of the greatest athletes in our sport. You never know who you might run into while venturing about downtown Miami!

vibrant culture

Food. Music. Nightlife. Art. Views. 

Miami has so much to offer, that we even recommend holding an extra day or two around TYR WZA so you can take in the best of our city. There’s something for everyone in Pitbull’s hometown! 

tasty treats

No cheese curds here…but Miami’s got a rich culinary scene, with tasty staples from the many diverse heritages and cultures present in the city.

there’s only one tyr wza miami

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve experienced the magic of bringing people together in celebration. We celebrate fitness, community, and life each year to remind ourselves of how truly special these things are. 

Plus, we’ve gotten better year after year at throwing a party you’ll always remember and that is exponentially heightened when shared with others.