The 411 on the 305

January 11, 2024

It’s time for the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza Miami, and it’s gonna be one bigggg party. While the celebration will take place in Bayfront Park like always, the vibrant culture of Miami invites you to explore beyond the park! We’ve gathered some of our favorite spots that we think celebrate the flavors, sights, and vibes at the heartbeat of the 305. We even reached out to some friends for their input, too. Consider this a community-sourced guide infused with the same flare and heart iconic to our home city.

We’re proud to welcome you here. It’s gonna be the time of your life! 

For Coffee Lovers & Early Birds

Real ones know the day doesn’t start until you’ve had your first cup. And, there’s nothing better than a tasty start to the morning. For coffee, check out Panther Coffee and Suite Habana Cafe. Each is tried and true by Team TYR WZA and offers a unique local flare to the coffee culture of Miami.

OG WZA Founder Guido Trinidad adds The Salty to the list for an iconic and elevated start to the día. You truly can’t go wrong with any of their donuts…IYKYK.

If you’re down for a good cafe, our friend Jessica Bergman from Downtown Strength & Conditioning recommends Cafe Bastille Downtown. It’s like a breakfast lover’s dream. Can confirm—their speciality TYR Wodapalooza menu HITS. 10/10.

For a Quick Refresh

Team TYR WZA swears by Crema Gourmet Coffee Bar. Located just a few steps from Bayfront Park, it’s the perfect spot for a coffee or midday pick-me-up. Their menu is also versatile with lots to choose from. You could also pop over to Julia & Henry’s Food Hall for a one-stop shop with many cuisine types to choose from. DTSC approved.

Far Out, But Worth It

If you’re in the neighborhood of Peak 360, Guido recommends Pura Vida. They’ve got the goods and vibes for days, it’s impossible to go wrong. Nearby to Peak is Joanna’s Marketplace offering hearty sandwiches if that’s your style. Lastly, Carbone. No further details needed.

Supporting Local

Party hard during the day and dine like you mean it at night. This is Miami, afterall! Check out Eating House for an upscale, full-service dinner and support a member of our community while you’re at it. Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli knows what’s up.

For an authentically cuban spot, hit up Versailles and see what the rave is all about. It’s FAMOUS famous.

Sweet Treats

It’s hard to go far and not pass a decadent pastry case filled with yummy treats. Check out Fireman Derek’s Bakeshop is clutch, with a classic menu that features some fun twists, when you’re feeling a little something to sweeten the mood.

We’ll see you in Miami!