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WZA Miami

Download the TYR WZA App

By WZA Miami

Looking for all the info on the TYR Wodapalooza 2023 weekend? Keep us in the palm of your hand with our app!

Download the updated TYR Wodapalooza app and join us in Miami for our 11th Year of celebration! Watch the live broadcast, explore new stages of the park, track your favorite athletes and special events, and enjoy the party!

Watch: Use our app to livestream the broadcast of multiple stages and special coverage while you stay tuned for all the action! Explore: Reference our festival in the app to check out new stages, find special events and make sure you never get lost and miss out on the action!

Track: Use our live leaderboards and stories to discover new athletes and to see how your favorite athletes are doing throughout the weekend.

Enjoy: Check out additional features to purchase meals and shop in the app for easy pickup, chat with our staff with questions, and stay connected to all the action going down during the weekend!

The first announced event is here!

By WZA Miami

We’re kicking off the TYR Wodapalooza Miami Workouts

Introducing the first announced event for Individuals of the TYR Wodapalooza 2023: “Rings & Squats”, presented by TYR! Stay tuned as all TYR Wodapalooza 2023 workouts will be released from now until the event in a few short weeks.



21/15 Ring Muscle-ups
21 Back Squats (235, 165lb)
15/12 Ring Muscle-ups
15 Front Squats
9 Ring Muscle-ups
9 Overhead Squats

Time Cap: 12:00

Check out all the division breakdowns here

Run the Gauntlet

By WZA Miami

The expression “to run the gauntlet” means to put yourself through a series of tests or tasks. These sequential tests don’t usually cause serious injuries, just a little bearable pain, a feeling most CrossFitters are familiar with. Often the rituals associated with running a gauntlet are sought after by the runner as a sign of acceptance into a more prestigious group.

What more prestigious group to gain acceptance into than the star-studded group of athletes competing at the TYR Wodapalooza Miami? In order to run through the CrossFit-style Gauntlet at WZA Miami, you have one hour to complete three consecutive workouts, with fellow competitors by your side.

On Thursday, January 12th, 2023, WZA will host a condensed competition open to everyone: spectators, volunteers, locals, and fans from far away. There are three different divisions, so you’ll be able to find a competitive level perfect for where you are on your fitness journey.


Get the thrill of competing at Wodapalooza without having to compete for 3 days. A long weekend of competition can be intense, intimidating, and a serious time commitment. The Gauntlet is an hour of intensity that gives you the opportunity to test yourself in 3 different types of workouts. If the 3-day WZA Miami competition is a marathon, the Gauntlet is a 5K. Challenging, accessible, and fun for everyone. Accessible, but still an incredible challenge and a great amount of fun without the commitment to a months-long train-up program.

Athletes will sign up for a time of day and get assigned a specific time to compete. No waiting around all day wondering when your heat is up. Get in, work hard, and finish fast.


Climb the same ropes, pull up on the same rig, and train on the same stage where the best athletes in the sport have competed. You might even be featured on our social media channels.

The Gauntlet is your opportunity to glimpse the glory of throwing down at one of the biggest fitness competitions in the world. It’s intimate enough for your friends to be able to cheer you on and take videos for the Gram, but it will be decked out in true Wodapalooza style. What better backdrop to take on your first competition or your fiftieth?


The experienced organization of WZA Miami is top-notch. For first-time competitors, there’s no better way to encounter a fitness competition than to jump into one of the best. For veteran competitors: how great to benefit from the smooth operations of a well-oiled machine. It’s like being able to run the Boston Marathon without having to. The team of professionals that organizes and coordinates over two-thousand athletes competing in 41 different divisions will be the same team that sets up the Gauntlet and makes sure each athlete has the best experience possible.


You are probably going to fitness at some point in the weekend. Instead of dropping into a box on Thursday, why not get 3 WODs in during the time of one class? Think of how much more relaxed and triumphant you will feel sitting back to watch the big dogs throwdown knowing you’ve already put forth a serious effort?

The thrill of watching stellar athletes compete motivates people to get moving. Watching the elites perform movements we know and love to hate always inspires us. Seeing a woman lift an unimaginable weight with ease and confidence encourages us to get back to the gym and try a little harder, and focus a little more. You’ll get to compete, then feel the camaraderie with those elites, being able to understand the stress of competition and the strain of doing multiple high-intensity workouts in a row.

An extra benefit is if you throw down at the Gauntlet, you’ll get to workout before watching the competition. You can kick back and enjoy your post-workout carbs or cheat day while watching some of the Fittest on Earth battle for the podium.


Maybe you missed out on getting a spot to compete in the full Wodapalooza Miami competition this year. The Gauntlet is your second chance to battle for the respect of being one of the best at WZA Miami. The quick turnover between workouts will challenge even the fittest and let you demonstrate your ability to recover and continue grinding. We all know the thrill of an adrenaline rush when something is on the line in the middle of a workout. Whether it’s the Open, Friday Night Lights, or a local road race, something changes when we put ourselves out there. Let the flutter of competition propel you to a new strength personal record, or cycle your movements a little faster. It is hard to push yourself to new limits every day, so let the crowd at the Gauntlet inspire you to chase down new challenges and get a little taste of the WZA Miami magic in order to motivate you for next year.


We aren’t all naturally competitive. Surely there is something about CrossFitters that drives us to conquer goals and reach for new ones. But we aren’t all natural-born athletes, and some of us are not outgoing enough to voluntarily get on a stage. But what if there was a chance for you to compete with a little less pressure, while still feeling the rush of adrenaline that comes when you put your fitness to the test? What if you could stand on the same stage as the elites, perform the same movements, do your very best, and find your own victory? This year at Wodapalooza you have that chance!


Whether you are looking for a chance to prove yourself to your gym buddies, to test your limits, to try out the big stage, or you just want an excuse to down some guiltless treats, come throw down with us at the Wodapalooza Gauntlet. Then sit back and watch the pros, not just as a spectator, but, as a fellow competitor.

WZA Exhibitors 2023

By WZA Miami
  • 2POOD
  • Ascent
  • Assault Fitness
  • Barbell Voodoo
  • Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN)
  • Be American
  • Bear Komplex
  • Blenders Eyewear
  • Born Primitive
  • Creapure
  • CrossFit
  • Dymatize
  • Edge Fitness Apparel
  • Element 26
  • FE Prints
  • FLEO
  • Froning Farms
  • Garmin
  • GAT Sport
  • Gods Country Coffee
  • GRYT Fitness
  • HSTL. Made
  • Ice Barrel
  • INOV8
  • Jawku
  • JUNK
  • Lifting Culture Apparel
  • Lifting the Dream
  • Love Your Butt Co
  • LRX Apparel
  • LSKD
  • Masters Fitness Collective
  • MUSH
  • Over Easy
  • Paper Street Coffee
  • Peachy Athletic
  • Phat Ash BakesPicSil
  • Podium
  • Polar Monkeys
  • Power Monkey Fitness
  • ProBody Sports
  • PRVN Fitness
  • PUMA
  • R.A.D
  • Real Good Foods
  • RPM Training
  • RX Smart Gear
  • Samsung
  • Skelcore
  • Stamina Fitness
  • Stroops
  • Suja Juice
  • Swolverine
  • Tapout Performance Drink
  • The Cold Plunge
  • Trifecta
  • Trueform Runner
  • TYR
  • Uno Mas Ropa
  • Victory Grips
  • VNDK8
  • Wild South Apparel
  • Wilde Chips
  • WonderPAX
  • Yerbae
  • YETI
  • Zephyrhills

Who gets invites to WZA 2023?

By WZA Miami

Top athletes will be able to bypass the TYR Wodapalooza Online Challenge & Qualifier to compete in Miami in January. This is based on past Sanctional and CrossFit Games finishes.

Individual Elite

CrossFit Games

  • CrossFit Games 2022: All Individual Elite Athletes 
  • Individual CrossFit Games Top 3: 2016-2022

Additional Events

  • Individual Top 3 at WZA 2022: Top 3 Men & Women
  • Individual Winners at WZA & GG in the last five years: 1st Place Men & Women
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at Madrid CF Challenge 2022
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at FITLAND 2022
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at Black Challenge 2022
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at The Greatness Fit Fest 2022
  • Individual Elite Male & Female winners at the Argentina Throwdown 2022

Age Group

  • 1st place 2022 Wodapalooza and/or 2022 CrossFit Games

Please note: 20 spots will be earned via the WZA Indy Online Challenge & Qualifier. If all the above invites have been granted and spots are still available, they will be awarded to the next finishers in line via the WZAOC leaderboard. Additionally, athletes who receive invites are still responsible for their registration cost, lodging, travel, etc.

Elite Team of 3

CrossFit Games

  • CrossFit Games 2022 – Top 10 Teams
    1. May put together one (1) male and one (1) female team of 3 consisting of both CrossFit Games teams
  • Any individual Elite Invited athlete may put together an Elite Team of 3, as long as a minimum of two (2) of the three (3) athletes are part of the invite criteria

U.S. ARMY Focuses on Teens Experience at WZA

By Online Challenge, WZA Miami

U.S. ARMY Provides Complimentary Entry  for 2023 TYR Wodapalooza Online Challenge and Qualifier

The TYR Wodapalooza (“WZA”) and U.S. ARMY are joining efforts to help promote healthy lifestyle habits for teenagers across the U.S.  

From today through Monday, September 19th upon registration close, all teenagers registering for the 2023 TYR Wodapalooza Online Challenge and Qualifier U.S. Army Teen Divisions, will have the entry fee waived. All teens who have previously registered will receive additional information on the refund of the entry fee.  

The TYR Wodapalooza Online Challenge and Qualifier is the first step for athlete’s road to Miami. The U.S. Army Teen Divisions allow the youth of the sport the chance to compete on the same stage as some of the biggest names in the sport.  

Looking to compete in Miami in the teen division? Click below to sign up!


TYR WZA Miami Schedule Update

By WZA Miami

WZA Miami is getting another upgrade!

In an effort to enhance the athlete and spectator experience, we’ve simplified the Elite schedule. For the first time in years, we’re changing how the Elite compete in Miami. On Thursday & Friday, we’ll host the Elite Individual competition, and then separately, on Saturday & Sunday, we’ll watch the Elite Teams of 3 take the stage.

BONUS! This will allow elite athletes to participate as individuals and on a Team of 3.

Note: All other divisions will still compete across the weekend starting Friday, 1/13 through Sunday, 1/15. More specific athlete schedules to come soon!


JAN 12, 2023



JAN 13, 2023



JAN 14, 2023



JAN 15, 2023


The WZA Programming Collective is back!

By WZA Miami

We’re on a mission to create the biggest and best celebration ever and we’re starting with the programming. The WZA Programming Collective is BACK!

The “programming collective” was a term initially coined in 2018, which brought together the brilliant and influential programming minds of our community together to collaborate to build the Online Challenge & Qualifier tests.

We’ve brought it back by gathering five functional fitness programming arms together, CompTrain, WheelWOD, PRVN Fitness, HWPO Training, and Underdogs Athletics, to program this year’s TYR WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier.

We’ve stayed true to our mission by being inclusive of all athletic backgrounds and abilities to ensure every member of our growing community is represented throughout the WZAOC. Our team of experts has collaborated to create a complete, fun, and fair test for all athletes on the Road to Miami.

Are you up for the challenge?

The WZAOC kicks off on September 15th with the Individual Challenge and continues on October 13th with the Teams of 3 Challenge. Don’t miss out!


Other Ways To Qualify for WZA 2023

By WZA Miami

The TYR WZAOC is coming! Take a look at the alternate avenues to qualify for the TYR WZA Miami 2023.


Aug 12-15, 2022

Individual Elite Male & Female winners at FITLAND Fitness Festival earn a spot to WZA Miami 2023

Black Challenge MX

Aug 26-28, 2022

Individual Elite Male & Female winners at Black Challenge earn a spot to WZA Miami 2023


sept 9-11, 2022

Individual Elite Male & Female winners at Madrid CF Challenge earn a spot to WZA Miami 2023


Sept 23-25, 2022

Individual Elite Male & Female winners at The Greatness Fit Fest earn a spot to WZA Miami 2023


Dec 9-11, 2022

Individual Elite Male & Female winners at The Argentina Throwdown earn a spot to WZA Miami 2023

TYR Becomes Title Sponsor of the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival

By Featured, News, WZA Miami

First Ever Wodapalooza Title Sponsorship Through 2025

Miami, FL, July 7th, 2022 – Today, leading performance brand, TYR Sport, was announced as the first ever Title Sponsor of the internationally renowned Wodapalooza Fitness Festival (“WZA”). The four-day CrossFit-inspired festival and competition takes place annually in January in Miami, Florida. Seeking to bolster the CrossFit community and sport, TYR will seek to infuse its own brand and life into the decade-old event, all in an effort to add value to the CrossFit community and its athletes.

Founded by an Olympic Team Captain and a Technical Apparel Designer, TYR’s roots are planted in the proving grounds of athletic performance and technical know-how. Since its inception three decades ago, they’ve become amongst the world’s most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands, while they seek to accomplish their mission of making all things possible, through sport. TYR seeks to leave a similar impact within CrossFit, by aligning with the top athletes in the sport, creating products designed for CrossFitters, by CrossFitters, and now, taking a prominent position with the world’s largest and most inclusive functional fitness competition.

“As the title sponsor of Wodapalooza, TYR will be able to take an athlete-first approach to interacting with the CrossFit community.  Bringing our technical products in apparel, footwear, eyewear, and swim to competitors and spectators of the event speaks directly to our goal of enhancing athlete performance with product technology,” said Matt Dilorenzo, CEO of TYR Sport.

This title partnership will be the first of its kind for Wodapalooza, where the event will share another brand within its name. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with a company that not only shares our values, seeks to elevate the overall experience, but is also striving to improve the sport of fitness. This partnership signifies a valuable commitment to our event and to the entire community, and we can’t wait to showcase what this collaboration means for the TYR Wodapalooza Fitness Festival,” said Aaron Anderson, VP of Business Development at Loud And Live. 

Established in 2012, Wodapalooza has seen tremendous and progressive growth since inception. What originated as a small-scale grassroots throwdown 11 years ago, has since evolved into a destination and yearly culmination for fitness fanatics of all types and abilities. In 2022, the event saw record attendance with over 40,000 attendees, including over 2,000 competitors representing 50 countries. This historic partnership between TYR and WZA symbolizes the intention by both brands to elevate the opportunity for athletes to compete and the community to connect. 

In 2023, the TYR Wodapalooza Fitness Festival will once again take place at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami and will feature four days of competition as the focal point of its weekend-long festival. Prior to, interested athletes must take part in the TYR WZA Online Challenge, which sees tens of thousands of prospective athletes compete to earn the right to participate at the Miami Festival. On-site, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the unique passion and energy that the community offers, learn from subject-matter experts with seminars & workshops, watch three stages of unique competitive action, and interact with over 100 participating brands, including a large-scale custom brand activation by TYR. WZA has historically offered one of the biggest prize purses within the sport, and 2023 will be no different with a total purse of over $400,000. 

While nothing beats experiencing this historic event in person, the TYR Wodapalooza Fitness Festival will be streamed globally and free, with more information coming soon. To learn more, head to



About TYR Sport

Named after the Norse god of valor and sacrifice, TYR is a company built on commitment and discipline.  They’ve been pushing the limits of innovation to propel athletes to their absolute best for over 35 years.  Whether it’s personal records or world championships, they have the hard-earned hardware to back it up.


About Loud And Live

An Entertainment, Marketing, Media & Live Events Company, Loud And Live performs at the intersection of music, sports, lifestyle and content development. Headquartered in Miami, with presence across the US, Europe and Latin America, Loud And Live is driven by its passion to create engaging experiences for global audiences. In addition to Wodapalooza, Loud And Live also owns and operates the internationally renowned community festival competitions, including the Granite Games, West Coast Classic, and the Madrid Championship.