WZA Gauntlet

WZA Gauntlet


Athletes will battle through three thrilling stations, all within a single hour. Each station provides a different style workout and challenge. But after the hour, you’ve made it. Mission accomplished. You’ve tackled the Gauntlet.

Top Finishers from Thursday, Friday & Saturday will advance to Sunday’s Gauntlet Finals.



While there are many athletes on the fence about competing in a full-blown three days of competition, and others who were simply unable to secure a spot to compete over Friday through Sunday, Team WZA wanted to give as many athletes the opportunity to celebrate and test their fitness with us at WZA as possible.

We understand it’s tough to secure a spot, but with the Gauntlet, you’ll get a chance to throw your hat into the ring and get after it.


Whether you’re a local South Floridian, volunteering over WZA weekend, or coming into town to spectate, why not earn your weekend of rest? We’re calling all every-day athletes to come enjoy an hour throw down under the bright lights at WZA Miami. Whether it’s your first time competing, or you’re an experienced veteran looking to earn a spot on the podium, this is for YOU!

The WZA Gauntlet will feature a Scaled, Intermediate, & Rx Individual Division. No teams yet!