What’s Included


Receive guidance from BodyBuilding.com and Renaissance Periodization during the 8-week challenge in the form of recipes, blog articles and their tips and tricks. No specific meal plan is provided, but that’s the beauty of the WZA Transformation Challenge! Find what works best for you (macro counting, keto, paleo, etc.) and stick to that!

For those interested in diving a little deeper, Renaissance Periodization will provide an optional add-on, exclusive for WZATC participants, through the RP Diet App.


As part of your registration in the Transformation Challenge, WZA is providing you with the resources you need to succeed over the 8-week competition to challenge yourself. That includes access to one of the three fitness programs (based on your selection upon log-in to your dashboard,) that you can use as your training plan, or simply as a supplemental source to pull from when you’re looking for something extra.

Check below a brief description of the three very different programs, and what they consist of:


  • WZA at Home

    The WZA at Home program is designed for those individuals that are new to functional fitness, that maybe don’t train at a gym and have minimal equipment, and are looking for more cardio-based and boot-camp style workouts. Expect lots of body weight exercises, running, and some resistance training as part of this program.

    *Equipment needs: Jump-rope, pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, bands, a pull-up bar, rings, and something to be used as a plyometric box


  • WZA Beach Body

    For the WZA Beach Body program, you can expect a “functional body-building” style program, designed to help rip up those taking part. Those jumping into this can expect compound functional movements with a twist, some traditional body-building style movements, lots of core work and also, plenty of EMOTM’s. You should have a good base in functional fitness, but also the ability to learn new movements.

    *Equipment needs: Access to everything within a CrossFit gym and resistance bands.


  • WZA-Fit

    Your good ol’ fashioned functional fitness program, with a strength and/or skill, coupled with a metabolic conditioning workout, and core. If you’re a diehard CrossFitter, and can’t get away from AMRAP’s and doing WOD’s for time, this is the plan for you.

    *Equipment needs: Access to everything within a CrossFit gym

See an Example of PROGRAMMING Here


Access to all of your content will be presented via your dashboard, which will be refreshed weekly to guide you during the 8 weeks


If you complete the full 8-week challenge, and submit your before and after pictures, you’ll be entered to win the cash and other prizes


We’ll feature stories from last year’s participants, and how they were able to accomplish their goals via the Challenge.


Exclusive members-only Facebook group to ask questions, share triumphs, access recipes, and support along the way!


If you’re looking to go that extra step, we have options from our partners in BodyBuilding.com and Renaissance Periodization to help you on your path to success.