WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier

The WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier (WZAOC) is a two-part online workout challenge where athletes from all over the world come together to test their fitness. Choose to go indy or team! Cause we’re bringing the party to you!

During the WZAOC, athletes can expect challenging workouts, fun prizes and memories to last a lifetime. Looking for more info on how it works?
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Athletes can choose to challenge themselves through the individual challenge, the team challenge or both!



▪️Week 1: August 21st – 26th, 2019

▪️Week 2: August 28th – September 2nd, 2019

▪️Week 3: September 4th – 9th, 2019


▪️December 6th – 16th, 2019


Each week, during the Individual Challenge of the WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier, WZA will release workout(s) on Wednesday’s at 8pm ET. The WZA Community will have until the following Monday at 8pm ET to complete the workouts and submit their score. For those choosing the Team Challenge, WZA  will release 10 workouts, with all workouts and scores due the last day of the challenge.

Athletes looking to compete at WZA Miami should visit the How to Compete page for more information on how to submit scores.

There’s plenty of fun to go around. The WZAOC not only brings the party to your gym, but it provides an opportunity to test your fitness with friends.