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WZAOC: 2019-2020 Season Updates

Another year of the Wodapalooza Miami CrossFit Festival season is almost upon, and with it, the qualifying piece to earn a spot to compete in Miami is set to begin: The WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier. Looking for more information on how the WZAOC works? Check out this blog post!



While WZA has announced the dates and format of the individual and team portions of the Challenge & Qualifier (and the smell of palm trees and salt water in the air,) it’s important to outline some of the more substantive changes to this year.

See below the detailed list of changes between last year and this year’s format:


  • *NEW* All Co-Ed Teams of 4 – No more Teams of 3!
    • Out with the old, and in with the new… WZA originated with the desire to provide a CrossFit Games-like experience to the average Joe aka, the 99%. Nothing speaks more to this then aligning their team divisions, from the Elite to Scaled with this same format.
    • Secondly, this format gives more athletes (400+) the opportunity to compete on the bay, under the bright lights at WZA. More chance for more people to experience an inclusive yet challenging weekend competition.


  • *NEW* Consolidating Elite/Rx/Intermediate Divisions into one individual qualifier division & one team qualifier division.
    • Last year Elite/Rx divisions and Intermediate/Scaled divisions were separate. This year, they’ve been brought into one, singular division.
    • What does that mean for qualification?
      • For Individuals
        • 1st to 20th – Qualify for Elite
        • 21st to 60th – Qualify for Rx
        • 61st to 90th – Qualify for Intermediate
        • 91st to infinity – Eligible for Scaled or Beginner
      • For Teams
        • 1st to 30th – Qualify for Elite Teams
        • 31st to 130th – Qualify for Rx Teams
        • 131st to 230th – Qualify for Intermediate Teams
        • 231st to infinity – Eligible for Scaled or Beginner Teams
      • Check out our How to Compete page for more information!
    • This will reduce the conundrum posed to borderline Rx and Intermediate athletes, that aren’t sure which division to register. Now their division for the WZAOC is one!


  • *NEW* Beginner Individual & Team of 4 Divisions
    • In order to accommodate the vast diversity of abilities with athletes, now the true CrossFit beginners are eligible to compete in a division that best suits them: Beginner.
    • Open Registration” is still also an alternative to what has become a very competitive Scaled division at Wodapalooza.


  • *NEW* More Spots for Master’s in Miami
    • Master’s 60+ division added!
    • We want to give more opportunity for Master’s to compete, and now they can.
    • We’ve added a considerable number of spots to each of the Master’s divisions. Head to the How to Compete page (scroll all the way to the bottom!) to see the total number per age group.
    • Now, there’s a greater chance to qualify to compete in Miami!


  • Everyone Must Compete in the Online Challenge.
    • This isn’t a change, but still worth noting! Whether looking to compete in beginner, scaled, elite, or Rx, doesn’t matter… step 1 is completing the WZAOC in its entirety. Unless you fall into one of these groups… Who Receives Invites to WZA Miami?



While WZA seeks to stay true to their roots, it’s important to continue to grow and adapt. These changes seek to keep WZA ahead of the competitive curve and to provide the very best experience to athletes as part of the Online Challenge & Qualifier, as well as the event in Miami.

There is only one thing left to do. When registration opens, sign up, and get ready to throw down over three weeks. If planning on vying for team, grab your three friends, and prepare for ten WOD’s over ten days.

Get your WOD shoes ready… the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier is coming soon.