WZA Strong is an annual competition that happens over the WZA Miami weekend and features a unique combination of strongman grit and functional fitness movement. Athletes can expect to face anything from heavy carries to gymnastics movements in a showcase of hybrid strength. WZA Strong is a continued expression of WZA’s commitment to celebrate fitness, community, and life.


Join us on Thursday, January 17th, 2019. We’re expanding the typical athlete check-in day to a whole additional day of competition and celebration of fitness, community, and life!


For year one, we’re keeping it simple. Just follow the registration link and you’re in! From there you’ll receive an email with all the necessary competition information. All registered athletes will receive a WZA Athlete Shirt and a Single-Day Ticket (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) to Wodapalooza Miami! Registration closes January 4th, 2019!




Wodapalooza is a celebration of fitness, and we look to express that through all different kinds of formats! WZA Strong is simply our newest expression of that: a hybrid strength event celebrating the foundations of traditional strongman events combined with your favorite functional fitness movements.

We all know the people who hate metcon days, but rejoice when “heavy days” are on the whiteboard at the local gym… that’s where WZA Strong comes in!

40 athletes (20 males and 20 females) will register to compete in this one-day competition. Throughout the day, athletes will face 7 workouts on the Tina Hills Pavilion stage at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.


Event Date: January 17, 2019
Location: Tina Hills Pavillion, Bayfront Park – Miami, FL

Check-In: 8 AM
Athlete Briefing: 9 AM
WOD 1-3: 10 AM
WOD 4: 12:30 PM
WOD 5: 2:30 PM
WOD 6: 4:30 PM
Podium: 6:30 PM

Event 1, 2, and 3

Tabata Deadlift and Ring Muscle Ups
Event 1 features a Tabata style workout format, where athletes complete eight rounds of barbell deadlifts for 20-seconds and then rest for 10-seconds. Barbell weight increases every other set.

At the end of the Tabata, the clock will reset and athletes will complete as many ring muscle-ups as possible in a 2-minute window.

0:00 – 4:00

1st Round: 275lbs
2nd Round: 275lbs
3rd Round: 315lbs
4th Round: 315lbs
5th Round: 365lbs
6th Round: 365lbs
7th Round: 405lbs
8th Round: 405lbs

1st Round: 185lbs
2nd Round: 185lbs
3rd Round: 225lbs
4th Round: 225lbs
5th Round: 275lbs
6th Round: 275lbs
7th Round: 315lbs
8th Round: 315lbs

4:00 – 6:00 – Max Ring Muscle-Ups

Event 4

4 rounds for time:

5 thrusters (90lbs dumbbells, 60lbs dumbbells)
100’ farmer’s carry (225lbs/hand, 175lbs/hand)

Time Cap: 10 minutes

Event 5 & 6

6 minutes for max reps

1:00 max double-unders
1:00 max atlas stone over bar (175lbs, 145lbs)
1:00 max double-unders
1:00 max atlas stone over bar (215lbs, 160lbs)
1:00 max double-unders
1:00 max atlas stone over bar (250lbs, 175lbs)

Event 7

For Time: Yoke Speed Ladder
(50′ down and 50′ back)

260lbs x 100’
350lbs x 100’
440lbs x 100’
530lbs x 100′
620lbs x 100’
710lbs x 100’
800lbs x 100’

170lbs x 100’
260lbs x 100’
350lbs x 100’
400lbs x 100’
450lbs x 100’
500lbs x 100’
550lbs x 100’

Time Cap: 8 minutes

*athletes can not drop on the first 4 weights
**athletes are permitted one drop per length, per weight once over 620lbs
(not including the turn at 50’)