WZA Strong is an annual competition that happens over the WZA Miami weekend and features a unique combination of strongman grit and functional fitness movements. Competitors can expect to face anything from heavy carries to gymnastics movements in a showcase of hybrid strength. WZA Strong is a continued expression of WZA’s commitment to celebrate fitness, community, and life.


Wodapalooza is a celebration of fitness, and we look to express that through all different kinds of formats. WZA Strong is one of our newest expressions of that: a Hybrid strength event celebrating the foundations of traditional strongman movements combined with your favorite functional fitness movements.

We all know the people who hate metcon days but rejoice when “heavy days” are posted on the whiteboard — that’s where WZA Strong comes in! This event is designed to reward people who have spent years building a baseline of strength and conditioning and it does so with old school movements blended with new school programming.

Last year the competitors faced 7 events which challenged their strength, skill, and conditioning. 2020 will be even more exciting to watch with new events and new divisions!

Changes for Year 2

In our 2nd year, we’re proud to announce the addition of a Novice class. WZA has always been an inclusive event and with that in mind, we will be running two levels of competition this year. The Novice class will require slightly less SKILL and slightly less STRENGTH than the Advanced group but the concept will be the same. The events will be adjusted so that they are appropriately difficult for each competitor. Competitors are able to choose which group is right for them. Athletes will take the stage in Miami in February and showcase the strength of the Strongman and Strongwoman.


2021 will be epic as we celebrate a decade of fitness under the Miami sun. Stay tuned for schedule updates.