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How Does the WZAOC Work?

Have you seen one of our posts that include the acronym WZAOC and secretly wondered what it meant? Let us fill you in on exactly what the WZAOC is and why you’d be crazy not to get involved! It stands for The Wodapalooza Online Challenge and Qualifier. The WZAOC is an online fitness challenge that takes place in the fall with options to compete as an individual or on a team.

We kick off the individual side of the challenge on August 21st releasing an undisclosed number of workouts over 3 weeks. Similar to the CrossFit Open, we keep the workouts secret until the release in order for it to be a true test! Workouts are released on Wednesday & Thursday and must be completed prior to Monday at 8pm ET, when scores are due. This pattern continues for the next two weeks (3 weeks in total).

What is the WZAOC?

The Team Challenge kicks off next (December 6th!) and consists of co-ed teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women) with several different divisions options. Over a three day period, 10 workouts will be released and must be completed by the end of the 10 days, when scores are due at 8pm ET.

Not sure you’ll be able to do the workouts? Let us calm that fear right up front! The WZAOC workouts are all-inclusive and designed for EVERY fitness level. You can expect to see weights and gymnastics movements differ per division, but everyone will be doing the same type of workout. This is the beauty of fitness, it is infinitely scalable based on your current level of fitness. You can also check out our movement standards to help find the division that’s right for you.

What is the WZAOC?

Each week scores will be posted to the WZA leaderboard, where you and your friends can see each other’s scores and find out where you stack up against the rest of the WZA Community.

Let’s face it. One of the best parts of going to the gym every day is seeing your friends to talk about the WOD and how everyone did.  “Wow. That was tough! How’d you do? How many reps did you get?”

Many gyms are programming the workouts anyway, why not see where you stack up?! Everyone will be doing the same workout, trying to beat the clock, and push just a little bit harder to see where they sit on the leaderboard. After the WZAOC comes to a close, the top athletes in each division will earn their invitation to Wodapalooza Miami.

What is the WZAOC?

Qualifying isn’t the only way to grab a spot on the competition floor in Miami. Athletes in the Individual Scaled, Beginner, Adaptive Seated, Adaptive Standing and Scaled Team of 4 divisions are eligible to register for WZA Miami through Open Registration. Open Registration is a race to beat other WZAOC competitors to register for one of the coveted spots in the Scaled division. (Please note that Adaptive athlete who do not qualify as Rx are eligible for Open Registration in their respective scaled division, seated or standing).

So what are you waiting for?! Join the thousands of athletes from across the globe that come together to celebrate fitness, community, and life! Registration opens July 1st.