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What is the WWF?

A weightlifting competition like you’ve never seen before.

Under the lights of WZA Miami, on Biscayne Bay, the WZA Weightlifting Faceoff (WWF) takes weightlifting to a whole new level in bracketed, head-to-head format. Thursday, January 17, 2019, athletes will be challenged in an opening round with the snatch, and after a brief reset, the clean & jerk.

The athlete with the higher Sinclair total advances in the bracket. Round two features just the snatch, the semi-finals, the clean and jerk, and the finals, at night under the lights, will feature both lifts again.




In order to compete in the WZA Weightlifting Faceoff, athletes must submit their application in one of two ways:


1- Submit video weighing yourself and then performing a max snatch and clean and jerk


2- Submit a total from a USA Weightlifting Sanctioned event


Don’t miss this opportunity to compete on the big stage, complete with WZA Miami flare, against some of the best in the sport. It’s the ultimate “David meets Goliath” event, where everyone has an equal chance at the top prize!


Visit the WWF page for all the info on how to register!