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This year, we’ve got the most stacked roster in the Elite division. Check out a few head-to-head matchups we’re excited to watch unfold over the competition weekend!

Written by Michael Lanwehr

The Boyz vs. Canadian PB+J

The Defending Champs meet the Great White North. With 38 (!) individual Games appearances
between them, it’s 1 st place or bust for either team. Mr. Miami himself, Noah Ohlsen, looks to
catapult The Boyz to the top of the podium for the second year in a row. Or will it be the boys
from the north to put the defending champs on ice? Looks like the Miami sun isn’t going to be
the only thing heating up the competition floor!

King BK + Friends vs. Team GOWOD

Nothing says Miami quite like a little international flavor. Hailing from all corners of the globe –
and armed with three National Champs to boot – these two juggernauts are ready to put on a
show for the rest of the world to see!

The Smith Bros. vs. The Pancheppner Bros.

This matchup has schoolyard rivalry written all over it. “I’ll get my brothers, you get your
brothers and that weird Heppner kid from up the block and we’ll settle this down at Bayfront at
sundown.” Who else is looking forward to great competition and even more trash talk from
these two all weekend long?

The Dottirs ft. MOB vs. Team BPN

How many athletes are instantly recognizable on a first-name basis? Annie, Katrin, Mal – say
less. All eyes will inevitably be on The Dottirs ft. MOB whenever they take the floor but handing
them the crown based on clout alone not so fast. Enter Team BPN. If a team’s going to have
something to say about it, it’s them. Horvath, Simmonds, Migala – all with Games experience.
All ready to challenge for the podium.

A.K.A. Humble Killers vs. All American Girls

The newly unretired Kari Pearce and the A.K.A. Humble Killers are looking to make a little noise
down in Miami – that is after the 2x Strongest mom in America Arielle Loewen puts the kids to
bed of course. Meanwhile, the All-American Girls and their combined 19 individual Games
appearances aren’t looking to give anyone a free ride. Take note because fireworks are sure to
follow whenever these two teams take the floor!