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We’re on a mission to create the biggest and best celebration ever and we’re starting with the programming. The WZA Programming Collective is BACK!

The “programming collective” was a term initially coined in 2018, which brought together the brilliant and influential programming minds of our community together to collaborate to build the Online Challenge & Qualifier tests.

We’ve brought it back by gathering five functional fitness programming arms together, CompTrain, WheelWOD, PRVN Fitness, HWPO Training, and Underdogs Athletics, to program this year’s TYR WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier.

We’ve stayed true to our mission by being inclusive of all athletic backgrounds and abilities to ensure every member of our growing community is represented throughout the WZAOC. Our team of experts has collaborated to create a complete, fun, and fair test for all athletes on the Road to Miami.

Are you up for the challenge?

The WZAOC kicks off on September 15th with the Individual Challenge and continues on October 13th with the Teams of 3 Challenge. Don’t miss out!