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Day three opened clear and bright at Bayfront Park as athletes readied themselves to swim with the sharks and get inverted. The events on the docket included “Row, Swim, Run” and “Celebrate Ten” for athletes, while Mat Fraser autographed his new book “HWPO” and fans packed all four stages. The end-to-end free live stream continued for fans at home.

In “Row, Swim, Run,” competitors started at the Tina Hills stage for a spin on the Assault Air Rower before running to the bay and swimming to the Bayside where they finished on the Assault Air Runner. In a repeat performance of event one on Thursday, both Mayhem teams walked away with top podium spots. On the men’s side, Mayhem in Paradise (Rich Froning, Angelo Diciccio, and Luke Parker) edged out Blueprint (Will Kane, Felix Rehder, and Joshua Wichrup) by 17 seconds. The Boys (Noah Ohlsen, Chandler Smith, and Travis Mayer) grabbed third, three seconds later. The women were up next and MayFem (Andrea Nisler, Haley Adams, and Taylor Williamson) locked up an event win, their second of the competition. Team Kriger (Ingrid Hodemyr, Kristin Holte, and Lena Richter) took second with Team GOWOD (Mia Hesketh, Julie Hougard, and Solveig Sigurdardottir) close behind.

The elite individual women took on the cardio test next and it was Lucy Campbell who took the win with a strong swim and run in 21:28, followed by Emma Tall at 22:25 and Emily Rolfe at 22:45. On the men’s side, Taylor Self earned his first-ever WZA event, with a time of 22:30, while James Sprague finished second and Matt Poulin tooke third.

The final event of the day, “Celebrate Ten” featured ten rounds of work–the first five included handstand push-ups and heavy overhead squats and the second five included ring muscle-ups and lighter overhead squats. 

Again the teams were up first and on the men’s side, The Boys locked up first place with a time of 13:06, building a solid lead in the first half of the workout. Team Hercules (Logan Collins, Roy Gamboa, and Travis Williams) squeaked out second place, only a moment ahead of Samsarellemann (Tyler Eggimann, Phillip Muscarella, and Denis Samsonov). The women were up next and it was a tight battle for the top spot. When the dust settled, MayFem grabbed the event win two seconds ahead of Team Kriger. 3 Blind Mice took third eight seconds later.

The individuals took on “Celebrate Ten” next with the women on the floor first. The youngster, Anikha Greer, in her first elite, in-person competition nabbed her first event win, going unbroken the whole way through. Fee Saghafi finished second and Arielle Loewen came in third. On the men’s side, Colten Mertens went sub-ten minutes for the event win followed by Scott Panchik and Phil Toon.