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Between the elite women’s and men’s heats of “Celebrate Ten” on Saturday night, fans and athletes came together to celebrate the history and present of Wodapalooza. Following an epic video of workouts and crowds from every year since 2012, Noah Ohlsen, who has competed in Bayfront Park every year and has become the face of WZA, took the stage to honor the creators and the community.

“This is incredible,” he said, “my heart is racing and it’s full of passion and energy and excitement.” 

After recounting some of his favorite memories from the past ten years on the competition floor, Ohlsen said “my favorite memories have been off the competition floor…Wodapalooza is about connection and community…none of any of this means anything without you guys, so thank you fans.” 

He thanked Matt O’Keefe (President, Loud and Live Sports) for taking over the event and continuing to build it. Then, he asked the crowd to give it up for  Dylan Malitsky (Vice President, Loud and Live Sports), and Stacey Konstantinov (Director of Community Event Relations, Loud and Live Sports), “the backbone of Wodapalooza.” 

Finally, he thanked Guido Trinidad (Founder of Wodapalooza), “the one that had the idea for the event and brought it to life, the reason that we’re all here tonight.”

The Wodapalooza creator came out to center stage next to a loud ovation. “I almost teared up there,” he started. “Every celebration has a purpose,” Trinidad said, “the purpose of this celebration since its inception has always been to acknowledge that we have a gift and the gift is fitness, community, and life.”  He continued, “this event was created by the community for the community.” 

He asked the crowd in the stands to turn to one another and say “thanks.” 

Finally, Matt O’Keefe took the microphone to bring the celebration to an end. “Wodapalooza is the sum of many, many, many parts–it’s partners, it’s volunteers, it’s athletes, it’s staff, and it’s you,” he said to the crowd. 

“All of you have your own Wodapalooza story. You bring this thing to life every year. You redefine it and you raise the bar. We love you. Thank you.”