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International Online Qualifier

Four Events. One Qualifier.

The International Online Qualifier


We’re excited to announce our partnership with the CrossFit Atlas Games, CrossFit Filthy 150 and the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge events, to bring together our four qualifiers to form the single, united, International Online Qualifier!

The International Online Qualifier (beginning August 21st for individuals) combines the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier (WZAOC,) Atlas Games Qualifier, Filthy 150 Qualifier and the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge Qualifier into a singular, simplified qualifier. With multiple events & qualifiers happening throughout the year, the International Online Qualifier is meant to simplify the schedule and make planning for a season easier for both athletes and coaches alike.


What does this mean for those looking to compete?

Workouts, date and time of their release, score submission, and video submission will be completely the same for the WZAOC Elite/Rx/Intermediate division, as the Filthy 150, Atlas Games, SouthFit Challenge qualifiers.

That means athletes can register for multiple events at once, perform the workout once for four events 

Registration for the International Online Qualifier is now open and athletes have the option to register for the WZAOC, Atlas Games Qualifier, Filthy 150 Qualifier, SouthFit CrossFit Challenge or all 4! Registration is $25/event + processing fees for individuals and $80 + processing fees for teams. Athletes are welcome (and encouraged!) to compete in multiple competitions. This option is available at check out during the International Online Qualifier registration!

One unique feature of the International Online Qualifier is the Universal Leaderboard. Through this, athletes will have the ability to not only sort the leaderboard by competition, to see if they’re in a qualified position but also view a combined leaderboard of all three competitions. Think of this as a way to see where you rank against even more athletes from around the world! 

Ultimately, it is the athlete’s responsibility to review specific due dates, deadlines, and movement standards for each event they are registered for. Elite athletes across all competitions will complete the same workouts, with the same movement standards and the same dates/deadlines for all three of these competitions:

For Wodapalooza: Elite/Rx/Intermediate Individuals & Elite Teams

For CrossFit Atlas Games: Elite Individuals

For CrossFit Filthy 150: Elite Individual & Elite Teams

For SouthFit CrossFit Challenge: TBD


How many athletes qualify per division?

It is important to note that each event (Wodapalooza, Atlas Games, Filthy 150 and SouthFit) will continue to function as an independent competition, meaning that qualifying numbers are unique to each event. Visit the links below to get more info on how many athletes qualify per division at each event!



        • Elite Individual Men/Women – Top 20 
        • RX Individual Men/Women – 21st to 60th
        • Intermediate Individual Men/Women 61st to 90th
        • Adaptive Seated Men/Women – 1st to 6th
        • Adaptive Standing Men/Women -1st to 6th
        • Masters 35-39 Men/Women – 1st to 30th
        • Masters 40-44 Men/Women – 1st to 30th
        • Masters 45-49 Men/Women – 1st to 20th
        • Masters 50-54 Men/Women – 1st to 15th
        • Masters 55+ Men/Women – 1st to 10th
        • Teen 13-15 Men/Women – 1st to 15th
        • Teen 16-18 Men/Women – 1st to 15th
        • Full list of qualifying spots and division standards


CrossFit Atlas Games


CrossFit Filthy 150

SouthFit CrossFit Challenge


Can I compete in multiple qualifiers?

    • Yes, make sure you add whichever online qualifiers you wish to compete in at check out, by checking the correct box.

Will I have to submit multiple videos?

    • Athletes will submit the same WOD on multiple score submission pages

Will workouts change for each specific event?

    • No, all events will feature the same series of standards & workouts.

Does every event accept the same qualifying spots?

What if I want to go for multiple divisions (i.e. WZA’s Masters division, and Filthy 150 Elite division)?

    • Go for it! However, keep in mind that you may have to complete the workout multiple times if the weights vary per division.