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WOD 1 Strategy

Individual WOD 1 Strategy with Deka Comp

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Individual WOD 1 Strategy with Deka Comp

At this point, you’ve probably seen the first workout of the 2018 WZAOC Individual Challenge. But do you have a plan on how you’re going to approach it?

Michele Letendre of Deka Comp shares why the WZA Programming Collective decided to use this workout to kick off the 2018 WZAOC and her recommendation to athletes looking to complete this workout!

There’s still time to register! Individual registration is open until Monday, October 8th at 8p EST!


WZA Miami

WZA Update: What’s New with the Sanction?

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What’s New with the Sanction?

WZA Miami Qualification

CrossFit Inc., & WZA jointly announced their sanctioning partnership for the 2019 Wodapalooza & CrossFit Games Season! This is definitely a very exciting time for the entire WZA Community, but you may be wondering, “how does this affect me and my chances for qualifying for WZA and additionally, the CrossFit Games?” Let’s take a look!



But first, what’s new?

  • Individual Qualifying Spots to the Games: One male & one female will earn a spot to the CrossFit Games, crowned to the winner of the WZA Individual Elite Division
  • Co-Ed Elite Team of 4 Division & One Team Spot to the CFG: To be eligible for a spot in this new division at WZA 2019, teams must apply online. Each applicant will be considered based on their athletes’ recent accolades. The top ten applying teams, selected at WZA’s discretion, will earn a spot to compete in Miami this January!
  • Master’s 50-54 & 55+ Division: Unrelated to the CF sanction, in an effort to be even more inclusive, has split the individual Master’s divisions up, and the top 5 in the 55+ divisions will qualify.


Besides the application for Elite Co-Ed Teams of 4, who gets invited?
Here it is, nice and simple per division:

Individual Elite Division –

  • All 2018 Individual Male & Female CrossFit Games Qualifiers
  • 2018 WZA Miami Indy Champs

*Please note, 20 spots will be awarded via the Online Challenge & Qualifier

If all 40 Individual CrossFit Games athletes have been invited and spots are still available, they will be awarded to the next finishers in line via the Online Challenge & Qualifier leaderboard.

Please note that all invited individual athletes have the option to compete as an Individual or Team of 3.

Elite Team of 3 (Same Gender) Division –

  • All 2018 Individual Male & Female CrossFit Games Qualifiers
  • 2018 WZA Miami Team Champs (1st place only)

Please note that 20 spots in this division are up for grabs via the Team Online Challenge & Qualifier

Important Notes on Elite Divisions:

  • All invited individual athletes seeking to compete as a team of 3, can invite any other two athletes of the same gender.
  • 2018 WZA Miami Team Champs earn a spot to defend their title, but all three athletes must be returning.

Master’s Divisions –

  • 1st place in their respective division at the CFG 2018
  • 1st place at WZA Miami 2018 in their respective division

Please note: If an invited master’s athlete is moving up, based on WZA’s age criteria and dates, they will be awarded a spot in their respective new division.


When is the deadline to accept my invite? How do I accept?

All athletes have until Friday, October 26th at 11:59PM to accept their invites. Athletes can accept their invitation by emailing [email protected].


What isn’t changing?

Team of 3 format
As referenced above, WZA will continue to lay host to its traditional divisions featuring teams of three of the same gender (MMM or FFF) including: Elite, Rx, Intermediate & Scaled Teams of 3.


How does it work if you’re not an invited athlete?

Anyone that is not receiving an invite in the elite team division for the reasons above MUST participate in the Team Online Challenge & Qualifier in order to be eligible to earn a spot, starting November 2nd through November 12th.

If looking to qualify for Elite or Rx, register for the Elite/Rx division. The top 20 teams will qualify for Elite, while 21st to 80th qualify for Rx.

If looking to compete in Intermediate or Scaled, register for the Intermediate/Scaled division. If your team finishes in the top 60, you qualify for Intermediate Teams at WZA Miami. If you fall below that, but complete all the workouts and submit the necessary videos, you’re eligible to earn a spot in scaled via Open Registration.


The rest of the competition

Team WZA is keeping WZA Miami the same way that you have come to know and love, with the same divisions, the same three days of competition, and more! While change is inevitable, the goal of WZA is to stay true to its roots of celebrating fitness, community, and life, and they intend to do so in Miami, this January.

WZA + CrossFit Announce Partnership

CrossFit, Inc. Officially Sanctions Global Fitness Festival Wodapalooza

By News

CrossFit, Inc. Officially Sanctions Global Fitness Festival Wodapalooza

WZA + CrossFit Partnership

Exciting news that will enhance the overall WZA experience was announced via a joint press release between both CrossFit and Wodapalooza:

CrossFit, Inc. today announced that Wodapalooza, a global fitness festival and inclusive competition, is joining the roster as the 7th event to be sanctioned by CrossFit. In 2019, Wodapalooza’s top male and female individual competitors, as well as the top four-person team, will qualify to the Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. The much-anticipated announcement recognizes Wodapalooza’s history as a popular, diverse, and community-driven festival…”

To read the full press release, click here!

Overall, the qualification process for the Wodapalooza Miami CrossFit Festival will remain largely the same. Athletes who wish to compete for a spot will complete the Online Challenge & Qualifier, set to begin on Wednesday. In light of the recent partnership, WZA has added one division to the WZA Miami event: Elite Co-ed Team of 4 (MM/FF). This does not replace the various divisions featuring teams of 3 of the same gender, however, this will further add to the competitive spectacle. Athletes who wish to participate in the new team division will receive more information later this week via WZA’s social channels and website.

Register for the first step to competing, the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier by clicking here.

WZA Stories - Amy Williams

WZA Stories: Amy Williams

By News, WZA Community

Amy Williams, owner of CrossFit Carnivore, is no stranger to Wodapalooza. In 2017, CrossFit Carnivore had 85 of their members compete in the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier (WZAOC). Amy and CrossFit Carnivore are a huge piece of the WZA Community!

Amy’s journey in CrossFit, however, has not always been easy. Before she turned 30, her bones began to spontaneously break. Her body fat had dropped, and her bone density was dangerously low, which ultimately contributed first to a broken hand and then to a broken hip.

“I hit rock bottom when I broke my hip from basically just walking,” said Williams, now 34. At the time she had also been trying to get pregnant but had stopped menstruating, which interfered with her ability to conceive.


WZA Programming Collective

WZA Programming Collective

By News, Online Challenge, WZA Miami

Introducing the WZA Programming Collective

7 functional fitness programming arms, CompTrain, MisFit Athletics, WheelWOD, Street Parking, Team Soul Training, Deka Comp and Brute Strength came together to program the Wodapalooza season, starting with the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier.

This is the first time a competition has collaborated with multiple industry experts to program an event.

The WZAOC begins October 3rd with the individual challenge. Don’t miss out:

Strong WZA Women - Ehea Schuerch

Strong WZA Women: Ehea Schuerch

By News, WZA Community

Strong WZA Women: Ehea Schuerch

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“To people who question what I look like or how I dress, I love being female. But even better than being female is being a badass female. That’s what I’m trying to be.”

Ehea (pronounced “E”) Schuerch, from Spokane Valley CrossFit in Washington, has always relied on self-motivation to make her strong in all areas of her life. “I am insanely self-motivated. I didn’t have a ‘helicopter mom’ and my dad lived in California. So basically, everything I did was all on my own. I pretty much took care of myself emotionally. If I’m going to do something, I’m just going to take care of it myself. I don’t need anybody else to motivate me.”
This self-sufficiency helped Schuerch be comfortable with who she is and how she wants to be portrayed. “My definition of a strong woman has always been: I can do anything you can do. I know society tells me that I’m not supposed to play football, or I’m not supposed to be good at wrestling, but I proved I can be.”

The exterior only paints a partial picture of who a person is. Schuerch says, “To people who question what I look like or how I dress; I love being female. But even better than being female is being a badass female. That’s what I’m trying to be. I guess that’s the image that I’m trying to be for myself.”

Schuerch wants others to know that it’s important to be comfortable with yourself and who you are as a person. “I want people to know that you can be whoever you are; that fitness is unbiased. You can be fit or run fast, and it doesn’t matter about your personal life. You should be proud of that and not be afraid to share who you are. I think people and things in society are getting better, but people should not be afraid. I’ve had nothing but love and support from the community around me. I think that it is important. Women come in all different shapes and sizes and can look different and just to be proud of who you are. To me, that is what makes them strong.”

After only seven months of CrossFit training under her belt, Schuerch decided to try the Open in 2017. She finished 49th in the Northwest Region and was offered a spot-on Spokane Valley’s team at Regionals. During her first true competition, Schuerch’s team performance impressed everyone as they finished 6th and barely missing a trip the Games. In 2017 and 2018 she competed in more fitness competitions to better prepare herself for a possible return to Regionals this spring. It paid off. At the highly competitive West Regional, Schuerch finished 3rd and earned her first trip to the CrossFit Games.

Why You Should Take on the WZA Transformation Challenge!

By News, Transformation Challenge

Why You Should Take on the WZA Transformation Challenge!

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It’s the time of year when many people may have given up on their New Year’s resolution to transform themselves in 2018. For others, physical transformation isn’t always about weight loss but about adding muscle and strength. Working with Renaissance Periodization, the 2018 WZA Transformation Challenge gives participants options on how they want to transform their bodies. They can work towards a weight loss goal or a bulking goal.

Registration is now open and continues through June 8th. The 10-week Transformation Challenge includes information on nutrition in the form of an ebook from Renaissance Periodization and WZA, weekly programming from experts in the field and exclusive access to a members-only Facebook group, PLUS epic weekly prizes from various sponsors.

At the close of the Transformation Challenge on July 29th, there will be four winners: one male and one female Overall Winners and one male and female “People’s Choice” Winners which will be determined in an online vote. The two Overall Winners will receive $5,000 each plus a slew of other prizes and the “People’s Choice” winners will receive a VIP trip to WZA Miami which includes flight, hotel & VIP tickets.

Don’t wait! Compete by yourself or grab your WOD buddy. Get a group together at your local gym or affiliate and make this a challenge you all conquer together. Let Wodapalooza and Renaissance Periodization help to transform you into the best version of yourself in 2018.