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2019 WZAOC: FAQs

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2019 WZAOC: FAQs

We’re breaking down all your WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier (WZAOC) frequently asked questions in a quick and easy blog post!



New this year, we will only offer two versions of each workout, Prescribed and Alternate. In previous years, there were several versions of the workouts posted, but we wanted to simplify the process for those looking to qualify and participate. Each week, athletes may choose to perform the workout

Athletes seeking to compete in Scaled or Beginner at WZA Miami 2020 must complete all WZA Online Challenge workouts, whether it be prescribed or alternate workouts.  This includes submitting all scores and videos. We highly encourage that all athletes participating complete the prescribed version of the workouts whenever possible. However, there will be an alternate version of each workout posted for those who need modifications.  After the closing of WZAOC, any athletes who fall out of qualification will be eligible for open registration.

Now, for those looking to qualify for WZA Miami 2020 in the Elite, Rx, or Intermediate divisions, they must successfully complete all Prescribed versions of the Online Challenge workouts. All athletes will then be ranked based on their finish and a video review.  Qualifying positions are based on the following:


Qualify for WZA Miami Elite: 1st to 20thWZAOC

Qualify for WZA Miami Rx: 21st to 60th

Qualify for WZA Miami Intermediate: 61st to 90th

Eligible for Open Registration for WZA Miami Scaled & Beginner: 91st to ∞


To be clear, the WZAOC acknowledges one individual division.  At WZA Miami 2020, the individual division will be broken down into Elite, RX, Intermediate, Scaled and Beginner.  



Our individual division encompasses Elite, Rx, Intermediate, Scaled and Beginners. For the purposes of the WZAOC, everyone will compete and be scored together on one inclusive leaderboard. We also offer our Adaptive and Master’s & Teen divisions, which will be scored separately from the individual divisions.



It’s simple. You didn’t qualify? But you did all the Online Challenge workouts, and submitted the required videos? Great. On October 2nd, 2019 at 8PM ET, you will log-on and race against the rest of the eligible to try and sign up to secure a spot to compete at WZA Miami 2020! Read more on Open Registration here!

All non-qualifying athletes are eligible for Open Registration in the Scaled or Beginner division, except for Teens 13-15. We can’t reiterate enough, these spots are first-come, first-serve, and extremely limited. There is a huge demand, so make sure you sign up quickly! 



Keep in mind that the scaled and beginner divisions at WZA Miami 2020 will be consistent with our standards which can be found below and on our Division Standards page. These two divisions are meant to truly represent the name of each division, Beginner and Scaled.




Athletes seeking to compete in the Beginner division should have no more than a full year of CrossFit experience. As a guide, this would be your first live competition if you plan on competing in the Beginner division. Athletes in this division typically scale most if not all workouts at their affiliate, during The Open or on Workouts at our event will reflect these details.


    • Snatch (75/55lb)
    • Clean & Jerk (115/85lb)
    • Single-Unders, Ring Rows, Hanging Knee Raises
    • Proficiency performing any movements with dumbbells (35/20lb)



Athletes in this division may have performed workouts in the 2019 Open as prescribed, but that is not mandatory. Having performed workout(s) scaled or with modifications is acceptable and programming for this division will reflect that.  


    • Snatch (95/65lb)
    • Clean & Jerk (135/95lb)
    • Pull-Ups, Double-Unders, Hanging Knee Raises, Rope Climbs
    • Proficiency performing any movements with dumbbells (40/25lb)

All of our divisions have the ability to qualify for WZA Miami 2020! If you fall out of qualification, then almost all divisions have the opportunity to register through open registration! This gives everyone a chance to compete under the lights in Downtown Miami! Can’t wait to see you on the big stage!

Beginner’s Guide to the WZAOC

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Beginner’s Guide to the WZAOC

by Kristen Chandler Toth
Take the plunge! Sign up and start planning.

New to CrossFit but hungry for a real challenge? Maybe you just finished an intro course at your gym or you’ve been training with CrossFit for several months now – either way you’re curious about pushing to the next level. This year we opened up our competition to athletes who are new to the sport. There’s a brand new division, just for beginners.

Competing for the first time can be scary. But we’re here to help- so you can confidently take on the Wodapalooza Online Qualifier and Challenge (WZAOC). You’ll be able to set your own pace and find appropriate scaling options for your level of fitness. The WZAOC is about challenging yourself and rising to meet (or even exceed!) your expectations.


So how does it work?


Step 1: Register and Choose your division. 

As is typical in most competitive CrossFit competitions, athletes are split into different divisions depending on their current skill and ability level. Each division has associated movement standards that athletes can use as a guide to choose the division that is right for him/her. This helps ensure that when competition time rolls around, athletes are competing against athletes at a similar ability level.

With 37 different divisions, Wodapalooza has something for everyone. From the Elite division ( the most competitive athletes in our sport) to the Beginner division (athletes who have less than one year experience with CrossFit). To further break down the competition into specific fields, we have Age Group (Masters & Teenagers) and Adaptive (Rx/Scaled Standing & Rx/Scaled Seated), divisions.

Let’s take a closer look at how to read the division standards for the Beginner division… Athletes in this division are expected to be able to Snatch, at least, 75lb (for men) and 55lb (for women), Clean & Jerk (115/85lb) and be prepared to perform single-unders, ring rows, hanging knee raises and any movements with a 35/20lb dumbbell.

You can get a full breakdown of all movement standards on our Division Standards page. And remember the weights for those movements should be considered working weights, meaning you can do multiple repetitions if they come up in a workout.


Step 2: Mark your calendar and make a plan to hit the qualifier workouts.

With the WZAOC there are two ways to compete – as an Individual or on a Team of 4 (MM/FF). The Individual Challenge begins: August 21st and the Team of 4 Challenge begins: December 6th

For Individual Athletes:
Each Wednesday for 3 weeks (August 21st, August 28th & September 2nd), WZA will release a workout (or two!) through a video announcement on our social media channels (make sure to follow our
Insta, Facebook & Twitter!) and email blast to registered athletes around 8p ET.

In an effort to make this a true test, the workout(s) stay a secret until they’re announced! Which means you won’t know what challenge lies in store for you until the workouts are released each week. Because you only get the workouts a few days before the scores are due, no athletes will have the advantage of practicing or perfecting the workout too much before it’s time to test it. We guarantee you’ll look forward to the workout release with anticipation and nerves each week, which no doubt adds to the fun. Athletes have all weekend to complete the workout(s) and submit scores by the following Monday (August 26th, September 2nd & September 9th).


For Team of 4 (MM/FF) Athletes
: you’ll face 10 workouts that must be completed over a 10 day period. Workouts are released on our social channels (Insta, Facebook & Twitter) and emailed out to registered atheltes beginning December 6th with scores due on December 16th (visit our Schedule page to get all the info on due dates and deadlines!) It’s important to note that athletes do not have to complete the workouts together.


Step 3: Read (and reread) the scorecard for each workout so you know what exactly qualifies as a good repetition.

Following the release of each workout, Team WZA will post a scorecard online for athletes to use (or have their judge use!) during their workout. You’ll need to download the scorecard for each workout from our website and then print it out for your judge (or rep counter or cheerleader) to hold. It is vital for all athletes to read (and reread) the scorecard and movement standards to ensure they are completing the workout properly.

For example, knowing what will determine “full-depth” for a good squat rep will help make sure you don’t waste effort. Pro tip for beginners- get your coach involved and have her or him demo and talk through a game plan with you.


Step 4: Game day. 

Get excited! The day is finally here! You’ll set up your equipment for your workout and figure out the best vantage point for you to film from (please note: this is required only if you are interested in competing at WZA Miami – you can read more on who needs to submit a video here). 

Next step is to grab your scorecard, hand it to your judge, press ‘record’ on your video and start the clock. (*Note that a judge is
not required but we recommend it to help keep you accountable and moving quickly.)

With the 3, 2, 1 Go-  you’ll take on the first challenge. It’s just a workout in the end, but competition is a catalyst that helps us reach new heights, new personal records, and find our potential. After you’ve finished the workouts for the week, make sure you get on the website early to submit your scores! Although scores aren’t due until Monday we don’t recommend waiting until the last minute. Remember: if you intend to try for a slot in WZA Miami you’ll need to upload your workout video as well- and that takes time!


Step 5: Look on the leaderboard.

After the start of the WZAOC, you can find a live leaderboard online where you’ll be able to see how your scores fall against other athletes in your division. The leaderboard is a chance to see your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll see yourself place high on the leaderboard with some workouts and lower on others- this is great feedback to help you find areas to improve. For athletes hoping to earn a spot to compete at WZA Miami, watch your inbox after the the WZAOC is over, for details about Open Registration. If you get one of the coveted Scaled or Beginner slots, pack your gym bag and sunscreen and get stoked for a fun, exhausting weekend of fitness in Miami in February. We’ll be there – ready to guide you into the most fun you’ve ever had working out.



International Online Qualifier

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International Online Qualifier

Four Events. One Qualifier.

The International Online Qualifier


We’re excited to announce our partnership with the CrossFit Atlas Games, CrossFit Filthy 150 and the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge events, to bring together our four qualifiers to form the single, united, International Online Qualifier!

The International Online Qualifier (beginning August 21st for individuals) combines the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier (WZAOC,) Atlas Games Qualifier, Filthy 150 Qualifier and the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge Qualifier into a singular, simplified qualifier. With multiple events & qualifiers happening throughout the year, the International Online Qualifier is meant to simplify the schedule and make planning for a season easier for both athletes and coaches alike.


What does this mean for those looking to compete?

Workouts, date and time of their release, score submission, and video submission will be completely the same for the WZAOC Elite/Rx/Intermediate division, as the Filthy 150, Atlas Games, SouthFit Challenge qualifiers.

That means athletes can register for multiple events at once, perform the workout once for four events 

Registration for the International Online Qualifier is now open and athletes have the option to register for the WZAOC, Atlas Games Qualifier, Filthy 150 Qualifier, SouthFit CrossFit Challenge or all 4! Registration is $25/event + processing fees for individuals and $80 + processing fees for teams. Athletes are welcome (and encouraged!) to compete in multiple competitions. This option is available at check out during the International Online Qualifier registration!

One unique feature of the International Online Qualifier is the Universal Leaderboard. Through this, athletes will have the ability to not only sort the leaderboard by competition, to see if they’re in a qualified position but also view a combined leaderboard of all three competitions. Think of this as a way to see where you rank against even more athletes from around the world! 

Ultimately, it is the athlete’s responsibility to review specific due dates, deadlines, and movement standards for each event they are registered for. Elite athletes across all competitions will complete the same workouts, with the same movement standards and the same dates/deadlines for all three of these competitions:

For Wodapalooza: Elite/Rx/Intermediate Individuals & Elite Teams

For CrossFit Atlas Games: Elite Individuals

For CrossFit Filthy 150: Elite Individual & Elite Teams

For SouthFit CrossFit Challenge: TBD


How many athletes qualify per division?

It is important to note that each event (Wodapalooza, Atlas Games, Filthy 150 and SouthFit) will continue to function as an independent competition, meaning that qualifying numbers are unique to each event. Visit the links below to get more info on how many athletes qualify per division at each event!



        • Elite Individual Men/Women – Top 20 
        • RX Individual Men/Women – 21st to 60th
        • Intermediate Individual Men/Women 61st to 90th
        • Adaptive Seated Men/Women – 1st to 6th
        • Adaptive Standing Men/Women -1st to 6th
        • Masters 35-39 Men/Women – 1st to 30th
        • Masters 40-44 Men/Women – 1st to 30th
        • Masters 45-49 Men/Women – 1st to 20th
        • Masters 50-54 Men/Women – 1st to 15th
        • Masters 55+ Men/Women – 1st to 10th
        • Teen 13-15 Men/Women – 1st to 15th
        • Teen 16-18 Men/Women – 1st to 15th
        • Full list of qualifying spots and division standards


CrossFit Atlas Games


CrossFit Filthy 150

SouthFit CrossFit Challenge


Can I compete in multiple qualifiers?

    • Yes, make sure you add whichever online qualifiers you wish to compete in at check out, by checking the correct box.

Will I have to submit multiple videos?

    • Athletes will submit the same WOD on multiple score submission pages

Will workouts change for each specific event?

    • No, all events will feature the same series of standards & workouts.

Does every event accept the same qualifying spots?

What if I want to go for multiple divisions (i.e. WZA’s Masters division, and Filthy 150 Elite division)?

    • Go for it! However, keep in mind that you may have to complete the workout multiple times if the weights vary per division. 

2019-2020 Wodapalooza Season

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2019-2020 Wodapalooza Season

What’s coming up for Wodapalooza this season?

We truly believe in celebrating fitness, community and life in a variety of ways and bringing an elite experience to each and every member of the WZA Community. From athletes to volunteers, spectators and partners, we’ve got something for everyone!

Stay up to date – WZA Athlete Community

In an effort to continue celebrating fitness, community and life (and keep everyone in the loop!) we started the WZA Community Facebook group as a space to celebrate PRs, get information on the upcoming season, important dates and information and so much more! Make sure you’ve joined our Facebook group to stay up to date on all of the latest and greatest!

Join the Group!



WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier
Indy – August 21st
Team – December 6th

The WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier (WZAOC) is a two-part online workout challenge where athletes from all over the world come together to test their fitness. Choose to compete as an individual or on a team!

Each week, during the Individual Challenge of the WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier, WZA will release workout(s) on Wednesdays at 8pm ET. The WZA Community will have until the following Monday at 8pm ET to complete the workouts and submit their score. For those choosing the Team Challenge, WZA will release 10 workouts, with all workouts and scores due the last day of the challenge.

Athletes looking to compete at WZA Miami should visit the How to Compete page for more information.

Registration Opens July 1st!


WZA Miami
February 20-23rd, 2020

What began as a grassroots 1-day fitness competition with 145 athletes and 500 spectators in 2012, Wodapalooza (WZA) has since established itself as the world’s premier Functional Fitness Festival. The Wodapalooza descends on Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park for 4-days and brings together 3,000+ of athletes and 45,000+ spectators and fitness fanatics to celebrate fitness, community and life.

Tickets available September 23rd

WZA Transformation Challenge
April 27th, 2020

The Wodapalooza Transformation Challenge (WZATC) is an 8-week self-improvement challenge to improve your fitness & health, with guidance in the form of nutritional, exercise and motivational content and support. In the process, participants will have the opportunity to win prizes ranging from cash to trips, to gear, and more! Those attempting to win will be judged based on their progress over the course of the WZATC, established via the “before” & “after” pictures, and their journey. This year, we’re awarding four total winners: one male and one female Overall Winner, and a male and female “People’s Choice Winner.”

Registration opens early 2020!

10 Reasons Why the WZAOC is Your Next Big Test

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10 Reasons Why the WZAOC is Your Next Big Test

by Kristen Chandler Toth

We’re CrossFitters. We like to measure and assess, test ourselves and see if we’re better than last time. Competitions are naturally popular in our community- but there are loads of online qualifiers, so why should you sign up for the 2019 WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier (WZAOC)?

We’ve got 10 reasons why the WZAOC should be your next big test:


1. The bigger the test sample, the more accurate the result.

The WZAOC is one of the largest online qualifiers and has a deep competitive field. Thousands of athletes from around the globe come together to compete during this challenge. The community you enter when you sign up gives you access to a large pool of athletes where you are certain to discover athletic peers ready to challenge you on the leaderboard, wherever you are in the fitness game.


2. Competition ups your game.

If you’ve ever stood under the clock as coach says “10 seconds” and felt the adrenaline surge, you have that athlete mentality. The desire to challenge yourself and push the limits of what is possible. Competition spikes intensity and requires your best. The WZAOC gives you the chance to celebrate competition through weekly workouts.


3. Bring the WZA party to your gym

What better way to “pre-game” for WZA Miami than with the WZAOC? The WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier lets you take part in that excitement, festivity and community atmosphere even if you can’t travel to Miami. Join the fun of the challenge and share the struggle and elation of each test with friends from your local box and athletes all over the world.

4. Get your Progress Report & Earn your Spot to WZA Miami

The WZAOC serves as the ultimate test of fitness. For 3 weeks during the individual challenge and 10 days for the team challenge, athletes have the opportunity to see where they stack up this year compared to last year with the ultimate prize of competing at WZA Miami. The WZAOC is the first step to qualifying for WZA Miami. Athletes interested in competing next to Biscayne Bay and under the city lights of downtown Miami must complete the entirety of the WZAOC in qualify or be eligible to register for Open Registration. Athletes have the opportunity to qualify in one of 38 divisions offered during the WZAOC.


5. Give purpose and direction to your training

Help hone your mindset and daily training intention with the WZAOC dates marked on the calendar. Let them serve as a goal to work towards in your lifting, gymnastics, or aerobic capacity work. We all get tired of the day to day slog of regular training, narrow your sights and concentrate your efforts with the motivation of the qualifiers around the corner!


6. Leaderboarding is your secret favorite pastime

Let’s be honest, updating the leaderboard throughout the weekend and watching your place rise or sink as a result of your score is addicting. The WZAOC leaderboard is an opportunity to scratch that itch. It’s rarely shocking to see where the chips lie, but always fun to watch them fall into place. Whether leaderboarding against your own scores or measuring your progress against others, knowing an effort will be measured is an essential component of CrossFit training. And wow, that leaderboard position can sure motivate us through some difficult workouts.


7. To compete!

Our mission at WZA is to celebrate fitness, community and life. What better way to celebrate fitness than through competition. It gives us a chance to earn the glory of the win and to prove to ourselves and others that hard work pays off. Of course, with a field this big, we each have to set our own “winning” goal. Whether it’s the top of the leaderboard, or the top of the rings after your first muscle-up, the WZAOC is a platform for each of us to chase down a personal “win.”


8. Identify the holes in your training

The WZAOC is a well-rounded test, programmed to find the fittest. Sign up for the qualifier and attack the workouts. Then measure the effectiveness of your training. By competing this year you’ll be able to identify the holes in your performance and have the chance to make adjustments before the next WZAOC.  


9. Join the WZA Family

The WZA Community is one of the most inclusive, welcoming competitive CrossFit communities out there. WZA brings all ability-levels together onto one floor from adaptive, masters, teenagers, scaled, elite and everything in between. It’s a party full of like-minded people, there to compete and ready to encourage each other towards greater achievement. The WZAOC is an opportunity to be a part of that highly motivated group of like-minded people.


10. Find your Squad

Teams of 3 are gone this year, but Teams of 4 deliver the same experience of the CrossFit Games team competition to your home gym. With the WZAOC for Teams in December, you have time to assemble your fitness friends and start working out together. By sharing the heavy loads and incredible challenges designed for a team, you’ll quickly find “your squad.” There is nothing quite like the camaraderie of a team pushed to exhaustion, together, over and over. And the WZAOC is the perfect starting place to forge that team.



Introducing… the WZA Demo Team

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Wanna Join the WZA Demo Team?!

Wodapalooza is amped about the changes to their 2019 Season, and now you can be part of creating the magic of competition behind the scenes.



Last Week, WZA announced changes to this year’s competition, which include the addition of divisions, expansion of others, and minor qualification changes, all in an effort to ensure a fair, safe, competitive and inclusive event. In the spirit of ensuring WZA provides all of the above to competitors, they’re pumped to announce an application process for those who want to be a part of the Testing & Demo Team for the 2019-2020 Season!

What does this mean?

WZA is giving athletes the opportunity to apply to be part of a true team that will commit and be relied upon to help test potential events. Through their results and feedback, they’ll mold what the competition looks like from the online qualification, all the way through the festival in Miami.

Interested in applying?

Click here.

Other Important Details

Athletes should have experience competing (preferably during the WZA Season) but will not be competing during any phase of the WZA 2019-20 season.  Applicants will be selected based on their consistency and performance in certain divisions of competition. We will consider Open placement, previous WZA (Online Challenge and Miami) performances, event experience, etc.  

We are asking for a several month commitment from the testing team.  These athletes will receive tests/workouts directly from our Competition Director and they are expected to leave video, written feedback, etc.

Selected athletes will be considered for our on-site demo team, social media activation, special gifts & discounts from our brand partners, VIP tickets, discounted tickets for their affiliates, compensation for on-site athletes & more.


What are you waiting for?! Apply now!


WZAOC: 2019-2020 Season Updates!

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WZAOC: 2019-2020 Season Updates

Another year of the Wodapalooza Miami CrossFit Festival season is almost upon, and with it, the qualifying piece to earn a spot to compete in Miami is set to begin: The WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier. Looking for more information on how the WZAOC works? Check out this blog post!



While WZA has announced the dates and format of the individual and team portions of the Challenge & Qualifier (and the smell of palm trees and salt water in the air,) it’s important to outline some of the more substantive changes to this year.

See below the detailed list of changes between last year and this year’s format:


  • *NEW* All Co-Ed Teams of 4 – No more Teams of 3!
    • Out with the old, and in with the new… WZA originated with the desire to provide a CrossFit Games-like experience to the average Joe aka, the 99%. Nothing speaks more to this then aligning their team divisions, from the Elite to Scaled with this same format.
    • Secondly, this format gives more athletes (400+) the opportunity to compete on the bay, under the bright lights at WZA. More chance for more people to experience an inclusive yet challenging weekend competition.


  • *NEW* Consolidating Elite/Rx/Intermediate Divisions into one individual qualifier division & one team qualifier division.
    • Last year Elite/Rx divisions and Intermediate/Scaled divisions were separate. This year, they’ve been brought into one, singular division.
    • What does that mean for qualification?
      • For Individuals
        • 1st to 20th – Qualify for Elite
        • 21st to 60th – Qualify for Rx
        • 61st to 90th – Qualify for Intermediate
        • 91st to infinity – Eligible for Scaled or Beginner
      • For Teams
        • 1st to 30th – Qualify for Elite Teams
        • 31st to 130th – Qualify for Rx Teams
        • 131st to 230th – Qualify for Intermediate Teams
        • 231st to infinity – Eligible for Scaled or Beginner Teams
      • Check out our How to Compete page for more information!
    • This will reduce the conundrum posed to borderline Rx and Intermediate athletes, that aren’t sure which division to register. Now their division for the WZAOC is one!


  • *NEW* Beginner Individual & Team of 4 Divisions
    • In order to accommodate the vast diversity of abilities with athletes, now the true CrossFit beginners are eligible to compete in a division that best suits them: Beginner.
    • Open Registration” is still also an alternative to what has become a very competitive Scaled division at Wodapalooza.


  • *NEW* More Spots for Master’s in Miami
    • Master’s 60+ division added!
    • We want to give more opportunity for Master’s to compete, and now they can.
    • We’ve added a considerable number of spots to each of the Master’s divisions. Head to the How to Compete page (scroll all the way to the bottom!) to see the total number per age group.
    • Now, there’s a greater chance to qualify to compete in Miami!


  • Everyone Must Compete in the Online Challenge.
    • This isn’t a change, but still worth noting! Whether looking to compete in beginner, scaled, elite, or Rx, doesn’t matter… step 1 is completing the WZAOC in its entirety. Unless you fall into one of these groups… Who Receives Invites to WZA Miami?



While WZA seeks to stay true to their roots, it’s important to continue to grow and adapt. These changes seek to keep WZA ahead of the competitive curve and to provide the very best experience to athletes as part of the Online Challenge & Qualifier, as well as the event in Miami.

There is only one thing left to do. When registration opens, sign up, and get ready to throw down over three weeks. If planning on vying for team, grab your three friends, and prepare for ten WOD’s over ten days.

Get your WOD shoes ready… the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier is coming soon.

What is the WZAOC?

How Does the WZAOC Work?

By News, Online Challenge

How Does the WZAOC Work?

Have you seen one of our posts that include the acronym WZAOC and secretly wondered what it meant? Let us fill you in on exactly what the WZAOC is and why you’d be crazy not to get involved! It stands for The Wodapalooza Online Challenge and Qualifier. The WZAOC is an online fitness challenge that takes place in the fall with options to compete as an individual or on a team.

We kick off the individual side of the challenge on August 21st releasing an undisclosed number of workouts over 3 weeks. Similar to the CrossFit Open, we keep the workouts secret until the release in order for it to be a true test! Workouts are released on Wednesday & Thursday and must be completed prior to Monday at 8pm ET, when scores are due. This pattern continues for the next two weeks (3 weeks in total).

What is the WZAOC?

The Team Challenge kicks off next (December 6th!) and consists of co-ed teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women) with several different divisions options. Over a three day period, 10 workouts will be released and must be completed by the end of the 10 days, when scores are due at 8pm ET.

Not sure you’ll be able to do the workouts? Let us calm that fear right up front! The WZAOC workouts are all-inclusive and designed for EVERY fitness level. You can expect to see weights and gymnastics movements differ per division, but everyone will be doing the same type of workout. This is the beauty of fitness, it is infinitely scalable based on your current level of fitness. You can also check out our movement standards to help find the division that’s right for you.

What is the WZAOC?

Each week scores will be posted to the WZA leaderboard, where you and your friends can see each other’s scores and find out where you stack up against the rest of the WZA Community.

Let’s face it. One of the best parts of going to the gym every day is seeing your friends to talk about the WOD and how everyone did.  “Wow. That was tough! How’d you do? How many reps did you get?”

Many gyms are programming the workouts anyway, why not see where you stack up?! Everyone will be doing the same workout, trying to beat the clock, and push just a little bit harder to see where they sit on the leaderboard. After the WZAOC comes to a close, the top athletes in each division will earn their invitation to Wodapalooza Miami.

What is the WZAOC?

Qualifying isn’t the only way to grab a spot on the competition floor in Miami. Athletes in the Individual Scaled, Beginner, Adaptive Seated, Adaptive Standing and Scaled Team of 4 divisions are eligible to register for WZA Miami through Open Registration. Open Registration is a race to beat other WZAOC competitors to register for one of the coveted spots in the Scaled division. (Please note that Adaptive athlete who do not qualify as Rx are eligible for Open Registration in their respective scaled division, seated or standing).

So what are you waiting for?! Join the thousands of athletes from across the globe that come together to celebrate fitness, community, and life! Registration opens July 1st.

Why You Should Do the Transformation Challenge

By News, Transformation Challenge

Why You Should Do The Transformation Challenge

How’d that New Years resolution go? Yeah, we were afraid of that answer. Either you gave it your best, lost motivation, never did one or maybe you just didn’t know where to start.

Whatever the reason, we have some great news. Our 4th Annual “WZA Transformation Challenge” kicks off on Monday, April 29th, to be exact! And we think it’s a perfect time and opportunity to transform yourself!


So, still not sure? Here are the 3 reasons we think you should do the challenge!

  • COMMUNITY –  With the Transformation Challenge, you’ll be part of a group of people working toward the same goal as you – bettering themselves. You can share recipes, tips, workouts or whatever else makes your heart happy in the exclusive Facebook group. For 8 weeks (and after the challenge ends), you’ll have access to that “members only” group!


  • INSPIRATION –  The group and website will give you access to other people’s real-life struggles and achievements! Feeling sorry for yourself? Post to the group! Someone else sharing that they’ve achieved their goals? Makes you want to work harder!


  • EDUCATION – Renaissance Periodization and, will be dropping knowledge bombs on you, for weeks!! Maybe you have tried to eat better before but weren’t sure what to trust on the internet. Or maybe you’ve never tried. Now you have some of the best in the game, helping you! There will also be a workout posted every day!


  • PRIZES – Weekly Challenges in the group will get prizes from our partners and at the end of the Challenge, June 22nd, there will be four winners! One male and female Overall Winners and one male and one female “People’s Choice” winners. Determined in an online vote the “People’s Choice” winners will receive a VIP trip to WZA Miami 2020 (that means flight, hotel and VIP tickets! Check out the “What’s Included page for all the details!) Overall winners will be determined by WZA, and Renaissance Periodization based on before and after pictures and finalists written statement. Overall winners receive $5,000 each plus a ton of awesome prizes from WZA Transformation Challenge partners.


So what are you waiting for?! Registration is now open and it all kicks off April 29th.

Register here!

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Where to Watch: 19.5 Open Announcement

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Where to Watch: 19.5 Open Announcement

The CrossFit Games Open is headed to Miami!

19.5 Open Announcement

Celebrate the final workout of the 2019 CrossFit Games Open season live from Miami, Florida featuring a showdown of WZA Champions and CrossFit Games athletes from around the world. Not only is 19.5 giving you the World’s Fittest, Mat Fraser (@mathewfras) and Tia-Clair Toomey (@tiaclair1) but we’re also going international, bringing Mexico’s Fittest 1 and 2 respectively, Brenda Castro (@Brenditacastro) and Lea Schmidt (@Leacschmidt)!



Can’t make it to Miami?! Catch the live announcement on



Updates will be available through the WZA and West Coast Classic social media accounts, including a full recap of the live stream on Facebook:

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