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WZAOC - Indy WOD 4

What’s Your WOD 4 Strategy?

By News, Online Challenge

WZAOC Indy WOD 4 Strategy with Street Parking

You know if Street Parking is involved, we’re going to see devil presses. For some of us, this is our first time seeing them in a workout. How should you tackle this challenge? Miranda Alcaraz of Street Parking breaks Indy WOD 4 down…

Brooke Wells - WZA Champ

What’s Your Strategy for WOD 2 & 3?

By News, Online Challenge

WZAOC – WOD 2 & 3 Strategy with CompTrain

The 2018 Individual WZAOC is in full force with 3 workouts announced in the first week. Max Schneider from CompTrain gives us his full assessment and breakdown of the best approach for WODs 2 & 3.

Wanna join in on the fun? Registration is open until Monday, October 8th at 8p EST!


WOD 1 Strategy

Individual WOD 1 Strategy with Deka Comp

By News, Online Challenge

Individual WOD 1 Strategy with Deka Comp

At this point, you’ve probably seen the first workout of the 2018 WZAOC Individual Challenge. But do you have a plan on how you’re going to approach it?

Michele Letendre of Deka Comp shares why the WZA Programming Collective decided to use this workout to kick off the 2018 WZAOC and her recommendation to athletes looking to complete this workout!

There’s still time to register! Individual registration is open until Monday, October 8th at 8p EST!


WZA + CrossFit Announce Partnership

CrossFit, Inc. Officially Sanctions Global Fitness Festival Wodapalooza

By News

CrossFit, Inc. Officially Sanctions Global Fitness Festival Wodapalooza

WZA + CrossFit Partnership

Exciting news that will enhance the overall WZA experience was announced via a joint press release between both CrossFit and Wodapalooza:

CrossFit, Inc. today announced that Wodapalooza, a global fitness festival and inclusive competition, is joining the roster as the 7th event to be sanctioned by CrossFit. In 2019, Wodapalooza’s top male and female individual competitors, as well as the top four-person team, will qualify to the Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. The much-anticipated announcement recognizes Wodapalooza’s history as a popular, diverse, and community-driven festival…”

To read the full press release, click here!

Overall, the qualification process for the Wodapalooza Miami CrossFit Festival will remain largely the same. Athletes who wish to compete for a spot will complete the Online Challenge & Qualifier, set to begin on Wednesday. In light of the recent partnership, WZA has added one division to the WZA Miami event: Elite Co-ed Team of 4 (MM/FF). This does not replace the various divisions featuring teams of 3 of the same gender, however, this will further add to the competitive spectacle. Athletes who wish to participate in the new team division will receive more information later this week via WZA’s social channels and website.

Register for the first step to competing, the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier by clicking here.

WZA Stories - Amy Williams

WZA Stories: Amy Williams

By News, WZA Community

Amy Williams, owner of CrossFit Carnivore, is no stranger to Wodapalooza. In 2017, CrossFit Carnivore had 85 of their members compete in the WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier (WZAOC). Amy and CrossFit Carnivore are a huge piece of the WZA Community!

Amy’s journey in CrossFit, however, has not always been easy. Before she turned 30, her bones began to spontaneously break. Her body fat had dropped, and her bone density was dangerously low, which ultimately contributed first to a broken hand and then to a broken hip.

“I hit rock bottom when I broke my hip from basically just walking,” said Williams, now 34. At the time she had also been trying to get pregnant but had stopped menstruating, which interfered with her ability to conceive.