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Interview with 2021 OutAthlete Caidin Smith

By News, WZA Miami

Won the 2022 Molly Lenore Inspiration Award from Compete Sports Diversity 

2021 OutAthlete sponsored by the OutFoundation

What’s your story? I joined Crossfit 2 years ago when I was really struggling with major depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. I had been an athlete my whole life but in the last 10 years really struggled with my mental health. Crossfit has played a role in keeping me alive. As a trans guy it’s helping me build the body I’ve always wanted, and feel really affirmed in my gender identity. I was very afraid to come out at my gym for about a year until I became an OutAthlete and realized that I could really help the community by being out, and proud.

How would you describe the CF Community? To my surprise most people have been really accepting and supportive. I know Crossfit has a history of not being so LGBTQ+ friendly, and it is still very binary oriented so there’s room for growth but I’ve met really great people through Crossfit. 

What’s your inspiration for competing? As an OutAthlete I went to many events to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in fitness, especially Crossfit. I share my experiences on social media, I wear gay and trans pride colors to the gym and when I’m at competitions to promote awareness. I am purposefully making myself visible as an out gay trans athlete.

I’m competing for my community, to show them that they are capable of anything. I’m also competing to prove to myself that I am strong, worthy, and valued, and as a celebration of how far I’ve come in the last 2 years. I’m excited for the atmosphere, the competition, and seeing the Elite athletes perform.  

What’s your background? I played competitive softball my whole life and earned a division 1 scholarship to the University of Delaware. After I graduated in 2010 I was so depressed and wasn’t able to get involved in anything until I came out as trans in 2016 and started playing flag football in the New York Gay Football League.

What event are you looking forward to most? I think the Row Swim Run. I practiced the kettlebell box step over workout the other day and that was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done but I made it farther than I thought I would. 

Favorite athlete? I think they’re all amazing but I’m definitely in awe of Mat Fraser and what he’s been capable of. I also love all of Noah Ohlsen’s IG posts with his dog!

Favorite CF movement? Favorite movement is power clean and split jerk.

Barbells or DBs? Barbells!

Pancakes or waffles? Buttermilk protein pancakes with blueberries.

Which superpower would you have? I think being trans is a superpower! 

A “Decade of Celebration” Kicks off at Bayfront Park

By WZA Miami

The 10th annual Wodapalooza fitness festival opened in Miami featuring its first-ever free live stream of all the action. Thursday was open to the public and CrossFit fans and first-time spectators alike were treated to two elite individual and two elite team events. The Gauntlet, an hour-long grueling workout that spectators take on entered it’s third year with the toughest programming yet.

“Flipped Off,” the first event, featured heavy double-unders, GHD situps, and heavy Flip-Sled flips–a new implement similar to the “Pig.” The women’s elite division came down to a tight race between the Australian, Ellie Turner, and Dani Speegle, the only two athletes to complete the workout under the time cap. Turner finished seconds ahead of Speegle, both of whom were followed by Emma McQuaid and Arielle Loewen, who tied for third.

On the men’s side, Patrick Vellner picked up where he left off after winning WZA 2020 by taking the event one win in 2022. He was followed closely by Taylor Self both of whom finished the workout in under 12 minutes.

In the elite team-of-three division, two teams carrying the CrossFit Mayhem banner took the top spots. Mayhem in Paradise, comprised of Rich Froning, Angelo Dicicco, and Luke Parker took the win, completing the event more than 90 seconds ahead of second-place team The Boys, consisting of Travis Mayer, Noah Ohlsen, and Chandler Smith. On the women’s side, MayFem, made up of Taylor Williamson, Andrea Neisler, and Haley Adams tied with Team Kriger, including Kristin Holte, Ingrid Hodnemyr, and Lena Richter from Norway for the event win.

Where “Flipped Off” was a grinder, event two, “Echo on Fran” was fast and furious. The workout called for 21-15-9 reps of thrusters, chest-to-bar pullups, and Rogue Echo bike calories, and on the women’s side, Ellie Turner made it two-for-two to end the day with 200 points and the overall lead. Bethany Shadburne followed in second for the event and second overall to end the day. 

The men took the floor next and in a tight race, Jayson Hopper eked out an event win. The WZA rookie finished only four seconds ahead of second-place Phil Toon. Dallin Pepper took third, five seconds later.

In the team competition, Team Kriger ran the table, taking a second event win, closing out day one with 200 points. While MayFem took third, but remain in second place overall. Team GOWOD, made up of Mia Hesketh, Julie Hougard, and Solvieg Sigurdardottir, took second in the event, finishing the day in third. On the men’s side, The Boys took first place, barely edging out Thunder From Down Under comprised of James Newbury, Khan Porter, and Matt Dlugos. 

Day two will feature action in every division–Scaled, Rx, Adaptive, Youth, Masters, and Elite, as well as spectator workouts every hour on the hour. And there are can’t-be-missed seminars with Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir, as well as Mat Fraser, Justin Medeiros, Rich Froning and Sam Briggs.

2022 Appearances

By WZA Miami

Wodapalooza is bringing the heat on AND off the competition floor! With the biggest names in the sport coming down to Miami to host seminars, workouts, and appearances alongside all of your favorite brands.


  • Katrin Davisdottir
  • Brooke Wells
  • Sydney Wells
  • Justin Medeiros
  • Kristi O’Connell
  • Ryan Lochte
  • Amanda Barnhardt
  • Brent Fikowski
  • Buttery Bros
  • Mat Fraser
  • Sammy Moniz
  • Ben Bergeron
  • Annie Thorisdottir
  • Sam Dancer
  • Kelsey Kiel
  • Paulina Haro
  • Noah Ohlsen
  • Quiana Welch
  • Mattie Rogers
  • Elijah Mohamad
  • Travis Mayer
  • Kristi Eramo
  • Kari Pearce

2022 Registered Athletes

By WZA Miami

Take a look at the 2022 Wodapalooza Elite Athlete Roster.

This list is current as of Jan. 13, 2021 and is subject to change.


Adam Davidson

Alex Vigneault

Alexandre Caron

Anthony Davis

Benoît Boulanger

Casey Crable

Cole Sager

Colten Mertens

Dallin Pepper

Devin O’neill

Drew Wayman

Fabian Beneito Selles

Griffin Roelle

Guilherme Malheiros

Jake Marconi

James Sprague

Jason Smith

Jayson Hopper

Jeremy Vigneault

Jorge Fernandez

Josh Gervais

Josh Woodhull

Kaique Cerveny

Martin Feiferlik

Matt Poulin

Nick Mathew

Patrick Vellner

Peter Mason

Phil Toon

Reggie Fasa

Reilly Good

Samuel Cournoyer

Sarin Suvanasai

Saxon Panchik

Scott Panchik

Spencer Panchik

Taylor Self

Tim Paulson

Tyler Christophel

Uldis Upenieks


Aimee Cringle

Anikha Greer

Aoife Burke

Arielle Loewen

Baylee Rayl

Bethany Shadburne

Caroline Conners

Caroline Stanley

Carys Webster

Chloé Gauvin-David

Dani Speegle

Danielle Brandon

Elena Carratalá Sanahuja

Elena Budz

Ellie Turner

Emily Rolfe

Emma Mcquaid

Emma Tall

Faith Ferguson

Feeroozeh Saghafi

Freya Moosbrugger

Julia Kato

Kaela Stephano

Kendall Vincelette

Kloie Wilson

Kristine Best

Lucy Campbell

Madie Edwards

Manon Angonese

Meredith Swindle

Metty Greneron

Michelle Basnett

Oihanamoya Oliver

Olivia Sulek

Paige Semenza

Paige Powers

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Sasha Nievas

Silvia Garcia

Tayla Howe

Thais Nunes

Zoe Warren


2 And A Half Men
Sam Stewart
PD Savage
Micky Smith

Adm Wolfpack
Charles-David Brillant
Maxime Roy De Sylva
David Casault

Blueprint Training
Will Kane
Joshua Wichtrup
Felix Rehder

Cobra Kai
Brendan Willis
Scott Cottrill
Andrew Hiller

Tony Facchini
Jordan Zerva
Skyler Ocetnik

Crossfit Resurrection
Jonathan Gibbons
Tyler Lee
Kyle Cant

Don’t Be A Square
Troels Jørgensen
Kasper Daugaard
Thomas Støier

DSM Performance
Cole Fisher
Matt Morton
Jay Fresh

French GOWOD Team
Lucas Heuzé
Willy Georges
Alexandre Pinsolle

Eric Carmody
Joshua Al-Chamaa
Ryan Sowder

Invictus Athlete
Lalo Torres
Grant Belrose
Mitch Wagner

JST Compete
Philroy Peters
Evander Harewood
Sean Hardwick

LND Warriors
Samuel Demeester
Josh Marunde
Torey Throop

Mayhem In Paradise
Rich Froning
Luke Parker
Angelo Dicicco

Moist AF
Joe Pierro
Maxwell Reynolds
Bobby Wallum

Harrison Bell
Barney Linssen
Stefan Little

Muuk Performance
Carlos Labarthe
Roldan Goldbaum
Luis Oscar Mora

Omnia Island Boys
Cooper Wise
Jacob Schmidt
Logan Ewing

PorTTT Crossfit
Mike Needleman
Kyle Tiringer
Alex Zomerfeld

Queen Of 1855
Storm Patterson
Pete Shaw
Thomas Markhauser

Tyler Eggimann
Denis Samsonov
Phillip Muscarella

Slightly Swole
Mark Hutchinson
Evan Rogers
Jacob Pfaff

Spindle City Boyz
Will Farquharson
Spencer Arey
T James Henderson

Strong For Life
Bronislaw Olenkowicz
Michal Wesolowski
Wojciech Sulima

Smith Bros
Alec Smith
Ben Smith
Dane Smith

Team Bhtlab
Pietro Anderloni
Stefano Migliorini
Manfredi Ottavi

Team Herculus
Travis Williams
Roy Gamboa
Logan Collins

Team Ohio Elite
Vincent Buttitta
Collin Garnek
Braden Willis

The Boys
Chandler Smith
Noah Ohlsen
Travis Mayer

The Grit Haus
Kevin Steinhaus
Josh Hardin
Hunter Williams

The Minutemen
Tristan Maiorano
Jamie Headon
Niccolò Colli

The Traktor
Bryan Hernández Agudelo
Jorge Carvalho
Inaxio Illarramendi Lizarreta

Thunder From Down Under
Khan Porter
Jay Crouch
James Newbury

David Mata
Jose Pelufo
Santiago Comba

Training Culture

Pablo Cazalis
Alexander Anasagasti
Aniol Ekai

Tanner Balazs
Bryan Wong
Jimmy Woodard

Two And A Half Men
Kevin Winkens
Viktor Långsved
Ioannis Papadopoulos

Us Army Warrior Fitness Team
Luke Cuneous
Jack Rozemaus
Cam Crockett


2 Fakes And A Blonde
Symantha Donaldson
Natalie Thompson
Madison Jefferson

3 Blind Mice
Tommie Deprima
Madison Mcelhaney
Emma Ferreira

Blues City Crossfit
Taylor Streid
Morgan Ralphs
Sarah Rush

Boats N Bows
Sammy Nalley
Anne Christensen
Sierra Cameron

Born Primtive Underdogs
Alex Gazan
Kyra Milligan
Alison Scudds

Complete Athletic Performance
Michelle Cavalieri
Addison Desrosiers
Corrinle Mieux

CrossFit HYPE
Tara Demers
Austin Lavallii
Katie Canning

Crossfit Reignited
Stephanie Simmons
Brynn Carrick
Carrie Schafer

Kelsey Kiel
Kelly Baker
Alexis Burgan

Freakin Fitness
Heather Hudson
Bryleigh Hansen
Winter Nicolette Rodriguez

Fuse Squad
Tammy Gyorkos
Sarah Harrison
Janet Durant

Girls Gone Wild South
Melissa Houff
Bridget Steffen
Dani Kearns

Golden Girls
Jess Purdy
Taylor Kaas
Sami Scorzelli

Jenn Ryan
Brittany Weiss
Devyn Kim

Italian Vibes
Antea Longo
Chiara Salandra
Marta Ricottini

JST Compete
Georgia Radley
Aneta Tucker
Frederikke Frandsen

Alexy D’Tiole
Carolyne Prevost
Danielle Dunlap

Kinesis Squad
Briana Siegert
Gabby Mcclelland
Lucia Zamecnikova

Limelight Athlete
Dawon Jung
Kimmin Jeong
Choiseung Yeon

Andrea Nisler
Taylor Williamson
Haley Adams

Mxn Pwr
Maite Cruz
Fransiela Jimenez
Ana Martinez

Myology Shoofly
Amanda Street
Maria Codispoti
Tarraneh Dadgar

Neon Minaj
Amy Fryt
Alison Stall
Lindsey Lane

Now Or Never
Nienkevan Overveld
Brendavan Zaanen

Elisa Schauer
Kelly Stone
Marykay Dreisilker

Own It Think Tank
Kelsey Hays
Alexi Howe
Janette Hynes

Richmond Greyhounds
Rikki White-Territo
Hannah Hardy
Rachel Blong

Team Fleo Fuego
Jessi Harper
Shelby Neal
Ashleigh Wosny

Team Ireland
Zoe Kerr
Amanda Cummins
Eorann Oneill

Team Kriger
Kristin Holte
Lena Richter
Ingrid Hodnemyr

Team Tres Pasteles
Claudia Reque
Brianna Kource
Evelyn Agustinabalich

Team Venezuela
Emiliana Guerra
Laura Sanchez
Laura Gonzalez

Team Yerbaé
Nicole Burke
Rachel Thibodeaux
Hayley Murillo

The Brits
Oakley Woodhouse
Grace Lilley
Janie Garratt

The Comeback Team
Marian Johnsen
Matilde Øyen Garnes
Veslemøy Kollstad

Lidia Barto
Anna Donauer
Nicole Heer

Training Think Tank
Brandi Mcgoldrick
Mia Gianelli
Callerina Key

Guide to the 2021 WZAOC Team Challenge

By Online Challenge

The WZAOC Individual Challenge is over but get ready for the second act of the WZAOC kicks off with the Team Challenge.

The first step is to register! One teammate (the team captain) registers for the entire team. Registration is open now and closes on November 10th, the same day scores are due.

Workouts are released progressively on our social channels and emailed out to registered athletes starting on November 1st. Movement standards, video requirements, and scorecards will also be available on our website once they are announced.

This is a great opportunity to come together and test your fitness on a worldwide level with like-minded athletes around the globe! Don’t miss out on 10 days of fun with your fit friends as you push your limits and potentially earn a spot on the floor at WZA Miami! 

We’ve pulled together some of your top questions on the WZAOC Team Challenge!


NOT a  problem! Teams are NOT required to be in the same location in order to participate and do not have to complete the workouts together. All workouts are designed to be performed independently and at any time. Athletes do not have to be from the same gym, city, state, or even country!  Keep in mind that if you and your squad earn a spot to compete in Miami, all three athletes will compete together across all three days.


If you are interested in stepping on the competition floor at WZA Miami in January, video submissions from all team members (including athletes in the Scaled and Beginner divisions!)  are required after the conclusion of the Team Challenge. The WZA Team will request specific videos from specific workouts, but exactly which workouts will not be revealed until after the Challenge ends! We recommend having all your videos locked, loaded, and ready to go prior to the deadline!

Once your team has completed a workout, your team captain (the person that registered your team) is responsible for submitting the team’s scores. They will have a “(C)” next to their name when you log in to Competition Corner. To submit videos, you have the option of uploading all the videos to a single Dropbox folder and sharing that link with us OR creating a playlist on YouTube with all the videos and sharing that link with us. If you need further assistance, shoot us an email at [email protected]!


If an athlete on your team has to perform the alternate version of a workout, the entire team must perform the alternate workout. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this! However, you may mix the prescribed and alternate workouts throughout the challenge. For example, if your team does workout #1 Prescribed, workout #2 Alternate, etc. that is okay! 

If your team submits some alternate workout scores, you are still eligible for Open Registration, as long as you complete all the workouts in their entirety and submit the required videos. Submission of the requested video(s) at the end of the Challenge is CRUCIAL in maintaining your eligibility. Remember, you are NOT required to perform the workouts in the same gym or even at the same time as your teammates, however, all athletes attempting to compete at WZA Miami (through either qualification or Open Registration) are required to submit videos of their workouts.


In the event, you’ve already registered for WZA Miami and one of your original teammates cannot compete with you any longer, you are allowed a one-time substitution (prior to December 16th, 2021) for a fee. The substituted athlete did not have to complete the Online Challenge. Please note, that only ONE athlete per team of three may be substituted. Once your one substitution has been made, your team is unable to make any further substitutions. The deadline to substitute your one athlete is Thursday, December 16th, 2021 at 11:59PM ET. c. All substitutions must be made via email via [email protected] prior to this time.


In the event that a teammate you originally registered with cannot complete all the WZAOC workouts, there is still a chance to qualify! Team Captains can replace teammates at any point during the WZAOC Team Challenge (November 1st – 10th) through Competition Corner. Any athlete substituted midway through the Team Challenge must complete ALL the team workouts before the score submission deadline on November 10th. No team substitutions or score submissions may be made after score submission closes.



If you’ve already snagged one of the coveted spots for WZA Miami as an individual, congrats! Unfortunately, any athlete who accepts an individual invite from the WZAOC cannot participate on any WZAOC or WZA Miami Team at any point during the competition season, unless you plan on giving up your individual spot. If this is the case, please email [email protected]. Otherwise, we’ll see you on the leaderboard.

WZA Miami 2022 Tickets On Sale

By News

Don’t miss out on the biggest fitness party of the year!

The celebration of fitness, community, & life returns to Downtown Miami to celebrate its 10-year anniversary!
The WZA Miami Fitness Festival brings together a true diversity of fitness enthusiasts into a jam-packed weekend of health, fitness, sun, and fun.
With 100+ fitness-related brands, 900+ volunteers, 2500+ athletes, and tens of thousands of spectators hailing from all fifty states and over forty countries, WZA promises to be yet another event for the ages.
Members of the global fitness community, take note: You don’t want to miss #WZAMiami 2022.


  • Ticket prices do not include taxes and fees.
  • All tickets must be ordered online, or at an increased price, at the gate.
  • ALL Sales are FINAL. No Refunds, Exchanges, or Rain Checks are allowed. This event is a rain or shine event.
  • Only purchase WZA tickets from the official WZA ticketing page (you’re here!) If you purchase from another source, you risk purchasing a counterfeit or invalid ticket. WZA is not responsible for tickets purchased from unofficial sources.
  • Tickets are valid from January 14-16. Thursday, January 13 is free to the public: No ticket is needed on that date.


  • You will receive an order confirmation email on behalf of WZA. If you do not see this email in your inbox, please make sure to check your spam/junk folder.
  • If you are still unable to find your order confirmation or are having any other technical ticket-related issues, please contact us at [email protected]


  • The ticket can be printed or scanned from a mobile device on-site upon arrival. For each ticket purchase, you will receive one code per ticket. I.e. if you order 5x 3-day passes, you will receive 5 unique codes.
  • Each will be scannable once. Once scanned, you will be granted access into the event.
  • VIP Ticket holders and 3-day General Admission ticket holders will receive a wristband/credential once their tickets are scanned.


By Online Challenge



Can we choose which athlete does which section?
Yes! It’s up to you and your teammates!

WORKOUTS 2, 3, & 4 / “THE TRINITY 2.0”

How do we score the row?
The total time should be for the 2,000-meter row only, not elapsed time on the 20:00 clock!

Do you have to start the row at the 2-minute mark or anytime after 2 minutes?
Nope! The row must start at 2:00!

Can we use tape on the bar or grips for the toes to bar?
Only one or the other, not both!


Can you step down out of the box jump overs?
Stepping down is permitted!

Can I go straight into the thrusters from the Devil’s Press?
Yes, once the lockout is achieved!

For the Devil’s Press, do the dumbbells have to be on the inside of the feet or can they be on the outside? 
It can be either!


Do both heads of the DB have to touch the ground?

WORKOUT 7 / “3X3”

How do we have to hold the dumbbells?
The Dumbbells may be held in any manner but must remain in control by the athlete until the rep is credited. The dumbbells may not intentionally make contact with the box or top of the legs to assist in the movement.

Do we count the double under / wall-ball buy-in?
Yes, all reps should be entered, including the buy-in reps!



Can you perform a jerk with my thruster?
Nope! All thrusters must be performed with no redip of the knees.

If I finish my four rounds beneath the 8min mark, can I begin on my next four rounds?
You must rest until the 8min mark before beginning your next four rounds.

Do I have to put the barbell down between my hang snatches & thrusters?
Nope! You can regrip after your last snatch, and go right into thrusters.


Can someone help add or remove weight to the barbell?
Yes, someone can.

Can I go up or down in weight, or do I have to stay the same?
You can stay the same OR go up and down. Up to you!

If I hit all 5 lifts, and I have time for a 6th clean & jerk, can I make an attempt?
Nope! Once you hit your 5th clean and jerk, the workout is complete.

If I miss a clean & jerk, do I have to do another handstand walk and try again?
Nope! You can make another attempt. Handstand walks are only required after a successful clean & jerk

Is it permitted for someone to do the handstand walk 25 ft forward, cross the line, and do 25 ft backward?
Yes, that is allowed.

Are athletes allowed to mix kilo/pound plates?
No. Plates must be pound OR kilo plates

What if I want to change weight after a miss?
You can go up or down, even after a miss.


Can I sumo deadlift the bar?
No, sumo deadlifts are not allowed.

For the deadlift, can I drop the weight?
Yup! Dropping the barbell after the completion of the repetition is permitted.

Can I use a rack for the front squats?
Nope, the weight must begin on the ground; no racks allowed.


How do I hold the dumbbells?
The athlete may hold the dumbbell in any position as long as they do not make contact with the box.

Can someone reset the rower for me?
Yes, athletes may have someone reset their rower to 0 between rounds. Any contact with the other equipment in this workout is only allowed by the athlete.


Can someone reset my dumbbells?
Nope! Athletes must reset their own dumbbells if bounced out of the work area / camera view. Having another person restage the dumbbells is not allowed.

Can I clean & jerk the dumbbells after the burpee portion of the devil press?
Only one fluid motion with the dumbbells.

Got a question that isn’t listed?