What’s Included

By registering, in addition to the chance to win you’ll receive the following:


  • Renaissance Periodization + Wodapalooza Nutrition ebook (an exclusive, jargon-free book from the experts on at what works and what doesn’t work to help save you time!)
  • Participants have an add-on option for templates from our partner, Renaissance Periodization for an additional cost:
    • Basic Healthy Diet Template
      An easy-to-follow guide for creating your own healthy eating plan. By simply following basic recommendations for meal number, portion size and food choices, your resulting diet will provide you with the nutrients to support your health through eating.
    • Advanced RP Diet Template
      This is designed to help you either shed body fat while keeping muscle (the fat-loss-diet) or gain muscle (the muscle gain diet). Both fat-loss and muscle gain diets come with maintenance diets and with clear, unambiguous instructions as to their modifications for your needs.
    • One-on-One RP Nutrition Coaching & Personalized Plan
      Work one-on-one with an expert coach and create a customized plan to help you achieve your dieting goals with very little left to chance. Check-in 2x per week with your coach who will monitor your weekly progress and make any necessary adjustments to your customized program. There are no restrictions on the volume or frequency of contact between you and your coach.


  • Weekly programming is provided to all Transformation Challenge participants. There are three programs to choose from:
    • WZA Sweat Program
      Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve worked out or maybe this is your first time starting a fitness program, this one is for you! The WZA Sweat Program provides daily programming to meet you exactly where you are and can be completed in your home or gym. This program will utilize primarily bodyweight exercises, but requires some basic equipment (jump rope & light dumbbells.)
    • WZA-Body Program
      The WZA Body Program takes the power of functional training and combines it with classic body-building to help sculpt your body for both form and function. For this assigned program, you’ll need access to a standard gym with access to most equipment.
    • WZA Compete Program
      Created for everyday athletes, weekend warriors or just someone who wants to be in the best shape of their life, the WZA Compete Program is structured around bodybuilding/powerlifting movements, but also include Olympic lifts, gymnastics, and metcons almost every day. This program is for the everyday athlete looking to climb their way up the whiteboard. More intensity than the WZA Sweat or Body Programs.

Motivation & Support

Exclusive members-only Facebook group to ask questions, share triumphs, access recipes and simply join the conversations