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2019 WZAOC: FAQs

We’re breaking down all your WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier (WZAOC) frequently asked questions in a quick and easy blog post!



New this year, we will only offer two versions of each workout, Prescribed and Alternate. In previous years, there were several versions of the workouts posted, but we wanted to simplify the process for those looking to qualify and participate. Each week, athletes may choose to perform the workout

Athletes seeking to compete in Scaled or Beginner at WZA Miami 2020 must complete all WZA Online Challenge workouts, whether it be prescribed or alternate workouts.  This includes submitting all scores and videos. We highly encourage that all athletes participating complete the prescribed version of the workouts whenever possible. However, there will be an alternate version of each workout posted for those who need modifications.  After the closing of WZAOC, any athletes who fall out of qualification will be eligible for open registration.

Now, for those looking to qualify for WZA Miami 2020 in the Elite, Rx, or Intermediate divisions, they must successfully complete all Prescribed versions of the Online Challenge workouts. All athletes will then be ranked based on their finish and a video review.  Qualifying positions are based on the following:


Qualify for WZA Miami Elite: 1st to 20thWZAOC

Qualify for WZA Miami Rx: 21st to 60th

Qualify for WZA Miami Intermediate: 61st to 90th

Eligible for Open Registration for WZA Miami Scaled & Beginner: 91st to ∞


To be clear, the WZAOC acknowledges one individual division.  At WZA Miami 2020, the individual division will be broken down into Elite, RX, Intermediate, Scaled and Beginner.  



Our individual division encompasses Elite, Rx, Intermediate, Scaled and Beginners. For the purposes of the WZAOC, everyone will compete and be scored together on one inclusive leaderboard. We also offer our Adaptive and Master’s & Teen divisions, which will be scored separately from the individual divisions.



It’s simple. You didn’t qualify? But you did all the Online Challenge workouts, and submitted the required videos? Great. On October 2nd, 2019 at 8PM ET, you will log-on and race against the rest of the eligible to try and sign up to secure a spot to compete at WZA Miami 2020! Read more on Open Registration here!

All non-qualifying athletes are eligible for Open Registration in the Scaled or Beginner division, except for Teens 13-15. We can’t reiterate enough, these spots are first-come, first-serve, and extremely limited. There is a huge demand, so make sure you sign up quickly! 



Keep in mind that the scaled and beginner divisions at WZA Miami 2020 will be consistent with our standards which can be found below and on our Division Standards page. These two divisions are meant to truly represent the name of each division, Beginner and Scaled.




Athletes seeking to compete in the Beginner division should have no more than a full year of CrossFit experience. As a guide, this would be your first live competition if you plan on competing in the Beginner division. Athletes in this division typically scale most if not all workouts at their affiliate, during The Open or on Workouts at our event will reflect these details.


    • Snatch (75/55lb)
    • Clean & Jerk (115/85lb)
    • Single-Unders, Ring Rows, Hanging Knee Raises
    • Proficiency performing any movements with dumbbells (35/20lb)



Athletes in this division may have performed workouts in the 2019 Open as prescribed, but that is not mandatory. Having performed workout(s) scaled or with modifications is acceptable and programming for this division will reflect that.  


    • Snatch (95/65lb)
    • Clean & Jerk (135/95lb)
    • Pull-Ups, Double-Unders, Hanging Knee Raises, Rope Climbs
    • Proficiency performing any movements with dumbbells (40/25lb)

All of our divisions have the ability to qualify for WZA Miami 2020! If you fall out of qualification, then almost all divisions have the opportunity to register through open registration! This gives everyone a chance to compete under the lights in Downtown Miami! Can’t wait to see you on the big stage!