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We’re CrossFitters. We like to measure and assess, test ourselves and see if we’re better than last time. Competitions are naturally popular in our community- but there are loads of online qualifiers, so why should you sign up for the 2021 WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier (WZAOC)?

We’ve got 10 reasons why the WZAOC should be your next big test:

1. The bigger the test sample, the more accurate the result.

The WZAOC is one of the largest online qualifiers and has a deep competitive field. Thousands of athletes from around the globe come together to compete during this challenge. The community you join when you sign up gives you access to a large pool of athletes. You are certain to discover athletic peers ready to challenge you on the leaderboard, wherever you are in the fitness game.

2. Competition ups your game.

If you’ve ever stood under the clock as the coach says “10 seconds” and felt the adrenaline surge, you have that athlete mentality, the desire to challenge yourself and push the limits of what is possible. Competition spikes intensity and requires your best. The WZAOC gives you the chance to celebrate competition through a series of workouts.

3. Bring the WZA party to your gym

What better way to “pre-game” for WZA Miami than with the WZAOC? The WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier lets you take part in that excitement, festivity, and community atmosphere even if you can’t travel to Miami. Join the fun of the challenge and share the struggle and elation of each test with friends from your local box and athletes all over the world.

4. Get your Progress Report & Earn your Spot to WZA Miami

The WZAOC serves as a check-in, a unique test of fitness. For 10 days, athletes have the opportunity to see where they stack up this year compared to years past with the ultimate prize of competing at WZA Miami. The WZAOC is the first step to qualifying for WZA Miami. Athletes interested in competing next to Biscayne Bay and under the city lights of downtown Miami must complete the entirety of the WZAOC to qualify or be eligible to register for Open Registration. Athletes have the opportunity to qualify in one of the 41 divisions offered during the WZAOC.

5. Give purpose and direction to your training

Help hone your mindset and daily training intention with the WZAOC dates marked on the calendar. Let them serve as a goal to work towards in your lifting, gymnastics, or aerobic capacity work. We all get tired of the day-to-day slog of regular training, narrow your sights and concentrate your efforts with the motivation of the qualifiers around the corner!

6. Leaderboarding is your secret favorite pastime

Let’s be honest, updating the leaderboard throughout the competition and watching your place rise or sink as a result of your score is addicting. The WZAOC leaderboard is an opportunity to scratch that itch. It’s rarely shocking to see where the chips lie, but always fun to watch them fall into place. Whether leaderboarding against your own scores or measuring your progress against others, knowing an effort will be measured is an essential component of CrossFit training. And wow, that leaderboard position can sure motivate us through some difficult workouts.

7. To compete!

Our mission at WZA is to celebrate fitness, community, and life. What better way to celebrate fitness than through competition. It gives us a chance to earn the glory of the win and to prove to ourselves and others that hard work pays off. Of course, with a field this big, we each have to set our own “winning” goal. Whether it’s the top of the leaderboard or the top of the rings after your first muscle-up, the WZAOC is a platform for each of us to chase down a personal “win.”

8. Identify the holes in your training

The WZAOC is a well-rounded test, programmed to find the fittest. Sign up for the qualifier and attack the workouts. Then measure the effectiveness of your training. By competing this year you’ll be able to identify the holes in your performance and have the chance to make adjustments before the next WZAOC.  

9. Join the WZA Family

The WZA Community is one of the most inclusive, welcoming competitive CrossFit communities out there. WZA brings all ability levels together onto one floor from adaptive, masters, teenagers, beginners, elite, and everything in between. It’s a party full of like-minded people, there to compete and encourage each other towards greater achievement. The WZAOC is an opportunity to be a part of that highly motivated group.

10. Find your Squad

Teams of 3 are back! We are going back to our roots and celebrating the tight knit teams that make up our community. With the WZAOC for Teams in November, you have time to assemble your fitness friends and start working out together. By sharing the heavy loads and incredible challenges designed for a team, you’ll quickly find “your squad.” There is nothing quite like the camaraderie of a team pushed to exhaustion, together, over and over. And the WZAOC is the perfect starting place to forge that team.